How Important is Getting the Right Roofer

Contractor in Silhouette working on a Roof Top with blue Sky in Background

When you are thinking of making a big investment, you don’t just rush into it. You might think about thoroughly for days. If you are the really organized type, you might even create a list of pros and cons to make sure that you are making the right decision.   When it comes to hiring … Read More

Conquer Window Condensation

Windowsill and glass covered in condensation water droplets

Have you ever woken up one cold morning to find water dripping down the window panes of your room? A lot of people initially blame the windows. The truth is it might be the activities that you do at home that are causing the condensation, including air drying washing, showering or bathing, and many more. … Read More

How to Pressure Wash Your Home’s Siding

Home owner taking care of his siding on his home.

It doesn’t matter what type of exterior your home has – over time, and without regular maintenance, it can get grimy. No worries! A pressure washer can restore your home’s exterior to its original beauty in no time at all. If you haven’t used one before, this post is perfect for you!   Here are … Read More

Inventive Ideas for a Sunroom

Conservatory interior at night with lighting reflecting in the glass

Having a new sunroom added to your home is very exciting! Homeowners who already have one in their homes will tell you how great it is to have so much natural lighting inside. Sunrooms of today are used in different ways and they surely have come a long way from traditional ones that are often … Read More

Has Your Roof Reached Its Limits?

Retro red tile roof of old house

Most roofs have their service life set. However, there are harsh elements to which your roof is exposed to every day and these elements can cause deterioration. That means you would need to have repair work done or even a replacement. Not all roof problems are obvious and visible to homeowners and often, they just … Read More

Five Signs Your Home Needs a New Siding

Large family home in a rural area.

  Here’s one for irony: the factors that make having home exterior siding a necessity are the same factors that cause its damage and deterioration in the long run. Yes, it’s true. You install siding to protect our homes from extreme heat and cold, harsh wind, strong rains, and more. These weather elements also threaten … Read More

Clean Your Gutters Right!

Man cleaning the gutter from autumn leaves

Gutters are like your home’s unsung heroes, protecting its foundations, doors, windows, and siding from getting damaged during a rainstorm. They even help prevent basement floods! But for them to be able to do their noble job, you, as a homeowner should also perform your duty and clear your gutters of all the leaves and … Read More

What Type of Door is Best for Your Home?

Entrance porch with blue door and stairs with railings

If you’re having your new home constructed or feeling like your front door is needing a replacement, you are probably wondering about the type of material you’re going to choose. You are one of many homeowners facing this confusing dilemma. Of course, the fact that there are an array of options for you to choose … Read More

How to Clean Your Vinyl Siding

Contractor cleaning algae and mold from vinyl siding of a customers home.

Vinyl siding is an excellent building material – durable, resilient, and versatile. It is because of these characteristics that it has become the leading exterior cladding in Canada and it’s not going to give up its throne anytime soon. While it doesn’t require your weekends for cleaning, it still deserves occasional care from you. Unfortunately, … Read More

Is Your Door Really Welcoming?

Front residence entrance with a classic design. The door has a large brass knocker and mail slot. Horizontal shot.

Your front door has a lot of responsibilities – among them is making sure that it’s making the right first impression. Yes, your door has a lot to do with how welcome your guests would feel when they pay you a visit. You probably can recall times when you have visited someone’s house and felt … Read More