Quick Window Fixes

A hole through a glass pane.

So your kid was playing one afternoon and his baseball has gone through the window and there’s no way you can replace your window that very same day. Does that mean you should just let the cold air, as well as those pesky bugs, get into your house in the meantime? Not at all! Here … Read More

Why Sunrooms are Such a Popular Addition

Why Sunrooms are Such a Popular Addition

Now that the kids are finally going back to school, you’re probably thinking that it’s time that you find something to focus on aside from your work. Well, it’s a great time to have a home improvement project done! If you’re running out of ideas, why not consider adding a sunroom to your home? Yes! … Read More

Choosing the Right Roof Shingles for Your Home

Roofer installing new asphalt shingles

Choosing the best roof shingle for your home can be challenging. There are a variety of options involved like colour, style, shingle composition, and of course, price. You have to weigh in all of these factors before you can make a decision. One of the first considerations you have to make is how long a … Read More

Shhh… Secrets to Soundproofing Your Home

Portrait of irritated woman on bed and nipping her ears with pillow

Picture this: You get home from a busy day at work, you’re tired, and all you want to do is get some rest. But in the garage, your teenage son is practicing his electric guitar skills, the neighbours are having a party, and your husband or wife is watching the television with the volume all … Read More

Contemporary Design – How to Achieve It

Open plan living room kitchen contemporary home with grey sofa

If you want to master contemporary home design, you should know how to mix traditional and modern styles effortlessly using the latest products. It’s all about achieving a perfect balance, but also about highlighting contrasts the right way.   Are you building your dream home from the ground up or do you want to give … Read More

Patching Vs. Replacing – What to Do with Damaged Roofing

Fixing damaged roof shingles. A section was blown off after a storm with high winds causing a potential leak.

When it comes to your home, making wise decisions is one of the few things you can do to lessen home improvement costs in the future. This applies especially to bigger and more complex projects like re-roofing.   The first decision you’d have to make about roofs is whether you’d choose to just have the … Read More

How to Re-Purpose Old Doors

Plants on shelves, growing in a garden, with an antique wood door propped against a white wall of shed

So, you finally decided to take your old door off its hinges and replace it with a new one. Now what would you do with it? Some homeowners just throw their old doors away. But because you are reading this post right now, that means you are not willing to say goodbye to that door … Read More

5 Things That May Be Making Your Home Look Outdated

beautiful vintage interior. 3d rendering concept. Author's art used

Do you remember the last time you’ve made some changes to your house? How long ago was it? If you can’t remember clearly, most likely, it’s been way too long. If you’re wondering why your home seems to look so outdated, you should read on and find out if these things are to blame for … Read More

Great Ways to Dress a Window Without a Drape

Yellow and orange plastic beads curtain by the window

Getting window treatments to provide you with much-needed privacy can be tedious. For some, the task borders on boring. After all, how many options does one have for window treatments, right? Well, some may not know it but there are a lot of things you can actually do to liven up the look of your … Read More

How Important is Getting the Right Roofer

Contractor in Silhouette working on a Roof Top with blue Sky in Background

When you are thinking of making a big investment, you don’t just rush into it. You might think about thoroughly for days. If you are the really organized type, you might even create a list of pros and cons to make sure that you are making the right decision.   When it comes to hiring … Read More