How To Tell If An Exterior Door Is Left or Right-Handed

Does your front door need replacing? The idea of choosing a new exterior door might seem straightforward, until you’re met with terms like left/right-handed or inswing/outswing. We will help guide you through choosing a door that’s the perfect fit for your home.

Distinguishing Left-Handed from Right-Handed Doors

A photo of a matte black door handle on a wooden door.

Simply stand outside, and if the handle is on your right, it’s a right-handed door and vice versa. Why is it important to be able to identify which way a door is hung? Getting this right means smooth installation. An incorrectly installed door — one that opens against a wall or blocks a pathway, for instance — will impact the visual flow and practical usage of your space.

Inswing vs Outswing Doors

An illustration of a white door that is closed, and a white door that is open.

Does your existing exterior door open inwards or outwards? If the hinges are inside, then your door opens in (inswing). If the hinges are outside, your door will open out (outswing). Each option offers distinct advantages:

Inswing Doors: These are more common in residential settings. They don’t require clearance on the exterior, which can be advantageous in areas with limited exterior space. Inswing doors also provide a better seal against the weather, offering improved insulation and energy efficiency.

Outswing Doors: Outswing doors are favoured in areas prone to strong winds or heavy rains. When properly sealed and equipped with robust hinges, they create a formidable barrier against the elements. They can also be advantageous in wheelchair-accessible designs, as they provide a wider entryway.

Which option is best for your home?

A photo of a man and woman walking in through the front door of their home.

Choosing between left or right hinges is more than a matter of mechanics; it’s about harmonizing with your home’s existing layout. If there’s a closet or an obstruction on one side, you’ll want the door to swing the opposite way. Similarly, if your living space includes furniture arrangements near the entryway, and the current door disrupts the flow or accessibility, it’s time to consider a different swing direction.

This seemingly minor detail makes a big impact in maintaining a fluid, functional living space that accommodates your evolving needs and preferences.

Replacing Your Exterior Door

A photo of a grey door on a house with white siding.

Ensuring your new door selection has been made correctly will save you time, effort, and resources. Accurate knowledge about its direction and swing type before purchasing will avoid mishaps and keep your home secure and efficient.

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