Laminated Sound Reduction Glass

Improved security, durability, and sound protection for your windows.

Get Laminated Glass for the Windows in Your Home

Laminated Sound Reduction Glass offers practical solutions to a variety of common problems. From helping to prevent break-ins to dealing with loud construction to safeguarding your home against a windstorm, there are many situations in which laminated glass can be an asset.

If you are concerned about the safety of your home in extreme weather, if you live in a noisy neighbourhood, or if you are looking to reduce fading on furniture or carpeting, laminated glass can offer a great solution. Our team offers professional window installations using laminated glass to help improve your home.

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Top Features of Laminated Glass


Improved Security

Protect your home from thieves, vandals, and extreme weather. Laminated glass is 12 times stronger than a regular pane of glass and it will not shatter under impact. Glass panes will crack and stick to the interlayer, retaining integrity and helping to prevent unwanted entry.



Prevent unwanted noise from nearby traffic or construction in your neighbourhood. Laminated windows provide an overall 25% improvement in sound reduction, due to the sound dampening effect of its laminated interlayer.


Sun Protection

Reduce the amount of ultraviolet rays entering your home and help stop your furniture, fabrics, and other materials from fading. Lamination will block over 95% of UV rays entering your home, offering twice the protection of a regular window while allowing visible light to enter normally.



Protect your home from the effects of extreme weather, such as windstorms, ice storms, and more. Laminated glass meets requirements for hurricane-prone areas of the United States and will not shatter under the impact of heavy, sustained gusts.

Improve the security, durability, and sound protection of your windows

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