Garden Doors in Toronto

Practical and stylish garden doors in a range of styles for your home.

The Benefits of Garden Doors

The stylish design and patterned glass of garden doors adds to the design of your home, brings more natural light into your space, and allows for easy access to enjoy the outdoors. There many good reasons to update the garden door in your home, including:

  • Updating the look.
  • Improving functionality.
  • Switching a different style of door.
  • Installing double or triple-paned glass for more energy efficiency.
  • Reducing stripping, painting, and other maintenance.
  • Changing the look of your house and adding value.

At George Kent, we understand the importance of having a garden door that is attractive and functional. Our experienced team has been providing professional garden door installations in the GTA since 1949. We carry garden doors in a variety of materials and styles to complement the existing design of your home.

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Garden Door Installations in Toronto & the GTA

Are you looking for a garden door installation for your home in Toronto? At George Kent Home Improvements, we provide door installations across the Greater Toronto Area.

From Etobicoke to Newmarket, we can provide professional, high-quality garden door installations to bring your home improvement project to life. Before starting any new installation, our team will visit your home to take measurements and provide a detailed quote. 

We’ll listen carefully to ensure that we understand your vision for your home. Then we’ll complete the project to your expectations, working within your timelines and budget.

French Door Replacements for Your Home

Do you need to replace a set of French doors? Whether you’re having issues with draughts, leaks, peeling paint, or simply looking for an update, our team is here to help. 

At George Kent Home Improvements, we have replaced French doors for homeowners across Toronto and the GTA. We understand the challenges of replacing French doors and our expert installers will minimize disruptions for you and your family.

A French door replacement is sure to make a statement in your home. Stop worrying about the work and get back to enjoying the natural light from your patio or garden.

Choosing Between Garden Doors vs French Doors

What’s the difference between garden doors vs French doors? The term ‘garden door’ tends to be interpreted differently, depending on the person using it. However, your classic garden door is a single opening door with a fixed door beside it. Both doors will typically have patterned glass design to provide privacy, while still letting natural light enter the home.

By contrast, a French door has two opening doors that swing outwards. These types of doors allow greater ease of access to your backyard garden and they are perfect for a deck or larger patio space. While French doors offer better ventilation than garden doors, they tend to be less durable and may cause issues with drafts or leaks over time.

Upkeep and maintenance is required for the longevity of any door, but this is especially true of French doors, which can experience issues as a result of regular use. Both doors have their pros and cons, benefits and disadvantages. Our team can help you select the door that is the best fit for your home and your lifestyle.

Custom Options for Your Garden Doors

When installing a new garden door, you have the ability to customize the door’s look and feel to suit your home. Choose from a number of options to personalize your door, including:

Garden Door Colours

Select the right colour or stain to fit the design of your home and your garden. Make sure the design of your garden door is a match for what’s already there. Each garden door style is available in a variety of colour and staining options.

Garden Door Glass

Choose between single glaze, double glaze, or triple glazed windows to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Check out our unique Laminated Sound Reduction Glass and Neat Glass coating to further enhance for your garden doors.

Garden Door Hardware

Finishing touches are important. Customize the hardware of your garden door and select finishes for door handles, door knocks, door locks, and more. These specific features can help your door blend seamlessly with its surroundings.

Garden Doors with Screens

Letting the fresh air in and keeping the bugs out is an important function of your garden door. If you’re looking for garden doors with screens, we can help. We offer a number of garden screen door options, including retractable screens, UV screens, and more.

Garden Doors with Sidelights

If you’re looking for more natural light in your home, a garden door with sidelights is a great choice. Garden door sidelights will add flair to your space and help to make your door stand out. Choose from a range of patterns and designs to reflect your personal style.

Types of Garden Doors

What type of garden door are you looking for? Garden doors are available in a range of styles and there’s often confusion between garden doors vs french doors vs patio doors. Our team will help you choose the style that’s the right fit for your home.

Exterior Garden Doors

Your standard garden door is built to withstand the elements and serve as a beautiful entryway into your garden. Most exterior garden doors have one opening door and one fixed door, both with large windows. You will commonly see these garden doors with patterned glass designs.

French Garden Doors

French doors are double-opening sets of doors, with either one or two frames on either side. This type of garden door allows easy access to the outside and brings a classic, luxurious look to your home.

Garden Patio Doors

Looking for a garden door that doubles as a patio door? Patio doors are typically constructed from large glass panels that will slide to one side, in order to allow easy access to the outdoors. If you have a garden with a beautiful patio, this style of door is a great choice.

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