3 Common Seasonal Door Problems

Facing issues with your front door as the seasons change? Whether it’s increased energy bills due to drafts, frustration over a squeaky hinge, or the overwhelming thought of choosing the right door repair solution, George Kent Home Improvements is here to ease your worries. With our expertise and commitment to quality, we provide the solutions that keep your home comfortable and secure, season after season.

1. Drafty Doors

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Drafts around your door can make your home uncomfortable and also lead to increased energy costs. They are often caused by binding at the hinge edge of the door because the weather stripping is worn or loose, preventing it from closing completely. Door draft seals and weather stripping solutions can effectively combat this issue, keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Most weather stripping is adjustable to help improve the seal, or you may need to install new weather stripping.

2. Worn or Misaligned Door Hinges

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Your door’s hinges and latches are crucial for its proper function. Over time, these components may wear down, leading to doors that stick or don’t close properly. This common problem is usually due to misaligned hinges or seasonal wood expansion. Our experienced team specializes in assessing and repairing these issues, ensuring your door operates smoothly, regardless of the season.

3. Wood Expansion and Contraction

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A squeaky front door can be more than just a minor annoyance; it’s often a sign that your door requires attention. Squeakiness typically indicates that your door’s hinges need lubrication or adjustment. Door adjustments are essential for ensuring smooth operation and optimal alignment, preventing sticking, drafts, and uneven wear. These adjustments, which may involve tweaking the hinges, latches, or strike plates, can significantly improve the door’s seal and security.

Environmental factors, such as humidity or changes in temperature, can cause the wood around the hinges to expand or contract. Regular maintenance, including cleaning and lubricating the hinges, can solve this problem. However, if the squeakiness persists, it might indicate more significant wear or misalignment issues that require professional attention.

Do I Have to Replace My Door?

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Many issues can be resolved with repairs or updates mentioned above. However, if your door is significantly damaged or outdated, our extensive line of premium-quality doors offers the perfect upgrade.

If your front door has been weathered by the seasons and needs to be repaired or replaced, contact our team for a no-obligation quote. Let George Kent Home Improvements bring comfort and efficiency back to your home with our expert door maintenance and installation services.

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