How Often Should You Change Your Attic Insulation?

Is your home feeling less cozy these days? It might not just be the weather getting colder. Inefficient attic insulation could be silently hiking up your energy bills and affecting your comfort. As trusted experts in home maintenance since 1949, George Kent Home Improvements is here to guide you through understanding how often you should change your attic insulation.

The Average Lifespan of Your Attic Insulation

A photo of spray foam insulation being installed.

Blown-in Insulation

Blown-in insulation, commonly made from fibreglass or cellulose, is a favourite for its ease of installation and effective thermal resistance. Typically, this type of insulation can last up to 20–30 years.

Fibreglass Insulation

Fibreglass insulation, known for its longevity and fire resistance, can last over 30 years.

Cellulose Insulation

Cellulose insulation, often made from recycled materials, offers excellent thermal properties and can last for about 15–30 years.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is highly efficient and durable, potentially lasting the lifetime of your home when properly installed. Its ability to create an air seal makes it an increasingly popular choice among homeowners.

Factors Affecting Insulation Longevity

A photo of insulation that has been damaged by mould.

Several factors impact the lifespan of your attic insulation. These include environmental conditions like humidity and temperature fluctuations, pest infestations, and improper installation. Regular inspections can help identify issues early and prolong the insulation’s effectiveness.

Recognizing Signs of Insulation Degradation

Keep an eye out for uneven temperatures in your home, increased energy bills, and visible damage to the insulation. These signs indicate it might be time to evaluate your attic insulation.

Choosing the Right Insulation for Your Home

A photo of a man adding insulation to an attic.

Deciding whether to replace your insulation with the same type or a different one depends on various factors, including your home’s specific needs, budget, and energy efficiency goals. Professional attic installation ensures optimal performance, safety, and compliance with local building codes.

Our team at George Kent Home Improvements can help assess and recommend the best options for your home. We can help with insulation removal prior to installing new insulation in your home, and see if your home has the proper ventilation in place.

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If you think your attic could use new insulation, contact our team for a no-obligation quote. Let’s ensure your home is as comfortable and energy-efficient as possible.

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