3 Tips To Prolong Your Home’s Vitality

Feeling like your home needs a little extra TLC? Over time, important home elements silently degrade. Windows lose their insulating properties, doors warp, losing their structural integrity, and roofs succumb to the wear of harsh Canadian weather. This degradation can slowly escalate your monthly energy costs, compromising your home’s security, and potentially causing structural damage down the road.

Here are three tips to maintain a home and avoid these silent issues.

1. Understand Your Home’s Early Warning Signs & Know What to Look For

A photo of a two-story home in winter. The house has a white front door and multiple windows on both flooors.

  • Windows: For windows, be mindful of drafts, condensation between panes, and operational issues, as these may signal the need for replacement within the 15 to 20-year range.
  • Doors: A well-maintained exterior door can serve your home for up to 30 years. However, exposure to harsh weather can shorten this lifespan. Indicators for replacement include noticeable drafts, visible warping, and deteriorating material.
  • Roofing: The typical roof lifespan varies between 20 and 25 years for standard materials. Key signs demanding attention are missing or damaged shingles, frequent leaks, and a sagging structure. Always be sure to safely check your shingles or have a professional take on this task for you.

2. Prioritize Quality Replacements

A photo of a light blue new front entry door on a home with stone pillars on the front porch.

Prioritizing replacements of these key home elements with quality solutions not only ensures continued comfort and safety, but also safeguards against escalating repair costs and energy inefficiency in the future. Consulting with a seasoned home improvement provider like George Kent guarantees expert advice, high-quality materials, and professional installation, extending the longevity and performance of your home.

3. Be Proactive With Regular Maintenance

A photo looking down on the roof of a house with leaves in the gutter.

Regular home maintenance is so important for your comfort and safety and for maximizing the lifespan of your home. The team at George Kent Home Improvements offers a Home Maintenance Plan that takes the guesswork off your shoulders and into the hands of home care experts, so you never have to worry about silent issues.

If your home’s issues are beyond a simple fix and require attention from home care experts, reach out to contact our team today!

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