4 Myths About Vinyl Siding

Window of a private house on a background of beige siding.

Let us be fair: vinyl siding frequently gets a bad reputation. You may have already heard a couple of negative things about this flexible cladding material, but have you considered what are the facts and what is fiction? There will be advantages and disadvantages to any material, and vinyl siding is not an exception. Let … Read More

Are Your Windows in Need of a Replacement?

old heating radiator in an empty room by a window with a hardwood floor and white walls.

You might not think much about it but the windows on your home play a variety of important roles. For instance, well-designed windows improve a home’s curb appeal, improve energy efficiency, and increase the amount of natural light. Windows that are old and dilapidated, however, are a liability rather than an asset. This is why … Read More

Vinyl Siding – Should You Go for It?

Window of a private house on a background of beige siding.

Lately, more and more home designers and homeowners are appreciating the beauty of vinyl, and for good reasons, too! Vinyl, a synthetic material, is engineered for both aesthetics and functionality. This also means that when you choose vinyl, you are not compromising functionality for beauty. When it comes to siding, however, you want something that … Read More

Top Questions You Should Ask Your GTA Roofing Contractor

Engineer standing on rooftop looking away and holding blueprint project. Mature construction worker kit standing on rooftop with copy space. Workman inspecting construction site with sheet of paper in hand.

Choosing the perfect roofing contractor who will install your roofing professionally is as important as using quality materials. While it is true that most roofing contractors are reliable experts, there are still some inexperienced roofers that are looking for unknowing or willing customers who will trust them.   This is why we have put together … Read More

Updating Your Doors and Windows – Why You Should Do It

Interior of apartment during construction, remodeling, renovation, extension, restoration and reconstruction - ladder and construction materials in the room.

A home requires constant care and maintenance. Responsible homeowners should make sure that everything is running smoothly at home. Many homeowners, however, only deal with certain issues when seen as emergencies such as faulty electrical wiring or a leaky pipe. There are also other parts of the home that need to be taken care of … Read More

Room Additions and Proper Insulation

Planned renovation of a Open modern kitchen from loft with view on a lush garden

It is not unusual for clients to ask their contractor to turn the attic above a garage into a finished room. This bonus room can actually be a cozy addition to a home’s living space – when done right, that is. Done wrong, however, can make that room uncomfortable, either too cold or too hot. … Read More

Avoiding Home Renovation Disasters

renovation concept - room in old building during restoration -

Are you dreaming about upgrading your home? You might have heard some horror stories when renovating homes, but it does not have to be all chaos and stress! Before pushing through with a major home renovation, make sure that you have a plan first. Do not just knock down walls because you have an hour … Read More

A Quick Guide to Maintaining Your Residential Roof

Construction workers putting shingles on the roof of a house.

Strong winds, rains, storms, hail and other factors (both related and unrelated to weather) will play a role in the wear and tear of residential roofs. However, with the right steps, you can delay or prevent the deterioration of your roof. Let us tell you how – continue reading this blog!   Remember, the biggest … Read More

Oversized Air Conditioners: Why You Should Not Use Them

Single man hold manometer, Measure equipment of Air Conditioner on his hand under sunlight in the balcony

Ever heard the infamous saying, “Bigger is better?” Well, in the case of air conditioning units, this might not be applicable. Larger air conditioning units are louder, more expensive and more difficult to find a space for. If you need more specific reasons as to why you should not invest in bigger AC systems, just … Read More

Finding a GTA Roofing Contractor


You might be looking for a reputable roofing contractor in the GTA area – do not look any further – George Kent Home Improvements Ltd. is the right company you need! It does not matter if you are looking for experts who can fix your roof or ones who can replace it entirely – you … Read More