What Are Energy-Efficient Windows?

Since the public has become more environmentally aware in recent years, it has put a lot of attention to energy usage throughout the world. One of the areas where energy usage has been thoroughly examined is in the common household. We already knew that a large portion of heat loss was due to insufficient insulation … Read More

3 Current Trends in Roofing Materials

Much like fashion, music, and film, the construction industry is also subject to trends. The 2010s have brought several housing trends that have already come and gone in recent years, with many remnants still seen throughout neighborhoods across the country. Below are some of the current trends that we are seeing emerging in the types … Read More

How Do You Know When It’s Time to Replace Insulation?

Everyone in colder climates knows how important having insulation is to keep a house at a comfortable temperature all year round, without sending your heating bill through the roof. However, some people are not aware that simply having insulation is not a guarantee that it is going to do a good job retaining a high … Read More

How to Lower Heating Costs with the Right Insulation

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What Are Your Payments Options for Home Repairs or Renovations?

Home repairs and renovations are things that almost everyone wants, but unfortunately, not everyone can actually achieve. While the benefit of getting a new attachment to your house, or getting your siding redone can be extremely great, it also comes with a cost. Not a metaphorical cost, but an actual financial cost. And, depending on … Read More

Which Siding Is Right for You?

The siding of your home does more than just sit there and look nice, it also serves many helpful functions. But what it is capable of doing is largely affected by the type of siding that you choose. While there are no options that you absolutely need to stay away from, there are types of … Read More

Getting Your House Ready For Winter

Of all the seasons, winter can be the most brutal for a homeowner. There is an unending amount of snow to be shovelled, ice to salt to deal with, and other seasonal chores that come along with winter. As a homeowner, it is important to prepare yourself your the winter season. This will not only … Read More

Reducing Your Heating Costs in the Fall and Winter

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The Benefits of Having your Doors Replaced

As a homeowner, it is easy to find a number of aspects of your home that need fixing up. Many people are quick to jump to fixing appliances or furniture, but many often forget a key component of every house. This aspect is the doors. The doors are a necessary element of every home that … Read More

Emergency Roofing Repair – When to Call the Experts

As a homeowner, you rely upon your roof to safeguard your home and all of the things inside it. So, what do you plan to do if a tree falls on your roof in the middle of the night, or hail and extreme winds ripped it apart? Do you know whom to call? Listed below … Read More