Cottages are an Ontario tradition. Good times and good weather, surrounded by friends and family with fun on the water and barbecues cooking up treats all hours of the day and evening. It’d be nice for cottage season to last year round, but alas, this is Ontario so that means it’s only a matter of time before winter comes round again. Here are the steps you need to take to ensure your cottage remains in good shape when spring comes.

Flush the Pipes

Cottages come in all shapes, sizes, and luxury levels but at the very least it’s going to have running water and in Canada that means the potential for frozen pipes. Turn off the water at the source and open all faucets and waterlines, including dishwashers, to minimize the amount of water in the pipes. Add antifreeze to dilute the water to ensure you maintain operational plumbing. In addition to the water you’ll also want to shut down any gas and any outside power.

Clear it Out

Shutting down the power means you should clean out your fridge to prevent a very unpleasant surprise on opening it in the spring. Take care to seal any possible food for vermin or pests like soap or candles to make sure the cottage doesn’t get infested, and of course remove any objects with liquid in them that could freeze.

Ready it for Next Year

Wash everything including linens and towels and store them somewhere that animals or bugs can’t get to. Let the mattresses air out and vacuum the carpets and floors to remove and potential food source for pests. Mow and clear the outside area around it to minimize work the following year – though there’s always going to be work re-opening the cottage – and make sure your locks are in good condition.

Winterizing your cottage can be a stress-free, if still busy, experience if you follow the above tips. If you’re looking to take the time away from the cottage to make some improvements to your home in the city give George Kent a call and we’ll be happy to help.

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