Why Screen Doors Have Lost Their Popularity: Advantage of Installing a Storm Door

At one time, screen doors were a common accessory on homes across Canada. The entrance that was most commonly used would have been outfitted with one, but the formal “front” door may not have had one.

The sound of the screen door slamming shut was a common sound in the summer. On very warm days, it allowed the entry door to be kept open while the screen door allowed a much-needed breeze into the home. Now, times have changed and screen doors are not in use as often on a main residence. Their casual look is more in keeping with a vacation home than today’s more formal entranceways.


Glass Storm Doors Replace Screen Doors in Popularity

Times have certainly changed. Now that many homeowners have central air conditioning, the idea of relying on outside air to try to cool down the interior of a home to try to keep it cool is no longer a common practice. There is very little reason to install a screen door at the entrance to the home anymore.

If you want to have a second door at your entranceway, you do have the option of installing a glass storm door. This will help to protect your more expensive exterior door from the elements. If you have a solid wood door, you will spend less time painting or staining it if there is a storm door in place as well.

The storm door will also provide an extra pocket of insulation for your entrance doors against air leaks in your home. Cracks along the top, bottom, and sides of  these doors will become less noticeable once the storm door is installed, since it will help to block the outside weather from trying to get inside your home.

One consideration is that most steel or fiberglass door manufacturers’ exterior paint warranty is voided when a storm door is installed over their product as there is tremendous heat build- up between the two doors. Some storm doors come with a ventilation system that reduces the heat build-up.

Since a storm door comes with its own locking mechanism, it gives you an extra degree of security for your home. You can open your main entry door without having to admit a visitor directly into your home. Not everyone wants to look through a peep hole or conduct a conversation through a door before deciding whether to open it fully. Installing a glass storm door gives you a better option.

A storm door can be installed to coordinate or contrast with your existing trim. It will not take away from your home’s existing architecture. George Kent Home Improvements can help you find the right doors for your home. Contact us to see our line of storm doors.


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