Update Your Orangeville Home with a New Patio Door this Spring

Would you like to give your Orangeville home a new look this spring without committing a lot of time to the project? Patio doors are a very popular feature, since they provide an easy and convenient way to access the outside. With the yard and patio areas having become such a popular spot for entertaining, it makes sense to have a handy way for family and friends to access this “outdoor” room.

A patio door also has the advantage of opening up your home by bathing a space in natural light. There are other advantages to increasing the amount of natural light in your home. Studies have shown that exposure to sunlight for short periods of time can help to prevent depression in adults and children. It also helps to reduce the amount of mold and mildew in the home, making your indoor environment a much healthier one for all members of your family.

Along with these benefits, natural light also helps to open up a space by making it appear larger. Adding a patio door will immediately make the area appear more beautiful by illuminating it with natural light.

Garden Patio Doors

Garden patio doors operate in the same manner as standard exterior doors. They are hung in pairs and are available in different configurations.

Double operator doors swing in the centre, much like a butterfly’s wings. You can also choose from centre or side swing single operator doors where one part of the unit remains stationary and the other part swings open. There are a number of door glass designs available to make the garden patio door style you choose your own.

Sliding Patio Doors

When space is at a premium, sliding patio doors are an excellent option. They allow you to let the sunshine into your kitchen, family room or sunroom without taking up any additional space when opened.

Newer models are sleek and modern. They can be dressed up with vertical blinds inside the glass or even vinyl shutters if you want to block the sun’s rays at certain times of day or for privacy.

Choosing new patio doors is an excellent way to give your home an updated look. Consider the amount of space you have available when deciding whether garden or sliding patio doors are right for you. Remember that garden doors swing into your home and as such require more space.


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