Top Reasons to NOT Do DIY Insulation Installation

These days, DIY home projects are a dime a dozen, and when it comes to fixing up their homes, many homeowners feel rewarded the most when DIY projects are successful. If you have discovered that your home is in need of new insulation, then you might have already started reading several DIY articles and you might already be examining or measuring the diagrams of your home.


Unfortunately, there is a lot more than you should know about home insulation than just simply rolling out the batts and calling it a day. Here are some of the reasons why you should call on the experts of George Kent Home Improvements Ltd. to help you pull off this job:


#01. Homeowners may have a difficult time determining the kind of insulation they need. The products that are available today come with a measure of resistance to heat flow depending on the thickness of particular materials – this measure is called an R-value. The exact depth based on the location of home as well different varying types also come with these products.


#02. There are also different laws on how to remove old insulation and how and where disposal of old insulation can take place.


#03. Lights and ventilation devices in a room in your home that needs insulation replacement and sealing are also important to know.


#04. The areas of your home should also be inspected for mildew, mold, and animal infestation before they can receive the proper insulation material.


#05. If there are any sections in a particular location that are in disrepair should be upgraded to their original structural standards.


#06. If the insulation installation will take place near an HVAC system or mechanical system, then both will require inspection and repair as necessary. There are some cases wherein these systems will also require changes.


#07. The person who will be installing the insulation must be knowledgeable of the current building codes required in the state and the city where the installation will occur – this is very important.


#08. The person who will be installing the insulation should also be knowledgeable of energy efficiency regulations – this is imperative.


#09. There are also certain tools necessary to properly install insulation, and most DIY-ers do not have such tools.


#10. Many homeowners are unaware of this fact: air circulation plays a major role when insulating. For instance, in the attic, contractors use “baffles” in order to install insulation properly. Baffles are also called venting chutes, rafter vents, insulation or wind baffles. These are made of light materials such as cardboard, rigid foam board, or polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and they are stapled into position in those key places that need increased airflow.


Here at George Kent Home Improvements Ltd., we know that DIY home insulation installation can sound like the easiest thing, but it is really important to have our team of professionals provide the services you need. Contact us today for more information.

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