The History of Vinyl Siding

Over the years, the way a home looks have evolved so much. Much of it can be attributed to the ever-changing style and architectural design concept. Of course, we cannot discount the improvements we have seen in the kind of technology as well as the materials used to build a house. From the primitive materials of mud(earth) and clay, proper homes then evolved to sturdier shelters made from wood, brick, or stone. And from then on, the changes have been constant. There are a lot of very innovative materials that are now used for homes.

Perhaps among the top on our list of features and materials that have really grown in popularity is siding – and in particular, vinyl siding. In the 1900s, siding usually meant wood, aluminum, shingles, or veneer. The latest addition, which has quickly become a favourite among home builders and homeowners alike, is the vinyl siding.

Vinyl siding was first produced in the 1950s for the purpose of remodeling and regular home building. At first, vinyl siding required a bit of work for it to get to the high-quality product that it is now. It began as a common siding choice that was produced by a manufacturer of plastics. But back then, it was not as durable as the vinyl that we know today – its colour even faded in the sun!

It was in the years between 1970 and 1980 that manufacturers finally got the formula right. They were able to create vinyl siding that can withstand harsh weather better and with no colour fading! These improvements made vinyl such a popular choice. As the years pass, more improvements have been made to vinyl to better protect homes while at the same time delivering a pleasing aesthetic element that is guaranteed to last for a really long time.

Now vinyl siding is considered by many to be one of the best materials and among the top choices for remodels or new home constructions. With its incomparable characteristics, it’s not surprising at all. It is very easy to install, highly durable, virtually weather resistant. It also comes in an array of colours and styles. The modern vinyl siding is very low maintenance and lasts for years and years. What a lot of homeowners like, apart from those, is how vinyl siding can now be made to look like shingles or wood. It can be installed vertically or horizontally.

Vinyl siding is the number one siding choice of most Canadians. With its many advantages, it has easily surpassed the competition. Its versatility ensures that whatever look or style you have in mind, there’s a vinyl siding that’s perfect for it.

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