How Do You Fix A Misaligned Door?

Is your door scraping, squeaking, or failing to latch properly? This common issue can be frustrating, and lead to energy inefficiency and impacted curb appeal. Fortunately, addressing misaligned doors doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Our team at George Kent has outlined how to identify and fix this problem.

Signs a Door is Misaligned

Front door opening

Identifying a misaligned door early can prevent more significant issues down the line. Here are some signs to watch out for:

  • Uneven Gaps: Noticeable gaps around the door when it’s closed.
  • Difficulty Latching: The door doesn’t latch or stay closed securely.
  • Squeaking or Scraping Sounds: Noise when opening or closing the door.
  • Visible Misalignment: The door appears crooked or doesn’t sit flush in the frame.

Spotting these signs early can save you from higher repair costs and increased energy bills due to drafts.

Do I Have to Replace the Door or Can I Repair It?

A hand using a screw driving to adjust a door hinge.

Deciding between repairing or replacing your door depends on the extent of the misalignment. Understanding the severity of the problem can help you make an informed decision. We’ve categorized the level of misaligned door problems to help determine your next steps:

  • Minor Issues: Small gaps or slight squeaking can often be fixed with adjustments and minor repairs.
  • Moderate Problems: Warping or larger gaps might require partial framework repairs or new hardware.
  • Severe Misalignment: Extensive warping, structural damage, or persistent issues typically necessitate a full door replacement.

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Should I Hire a Professional to Change the Door?

A front door in a front foyer

While some homeowners may consider tackling door alignment issues themselves, hiring a professional can offer several advantages. Professionals have the expertise to accurately diagnose and fix alignment issues. They can also complete the job quickly and correctly to save you time and hassle. At George Kent Home Improvements, our team is committed to providing top-notch service, backed by a lifetime warranty and over seven decades of experience.

If you think your door is misaligned and needs an upgrade, contact our team for a no-obligation quote today. Our dedicated team offers expert advice, and reliable service, and ensures your complete satisfaction. If your door is significantly damaged or outdated, our extensive line of premium-quality doors offers the perfect upgrade.

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