Should you Repair or Replace Old Windows?

If your windows have reached the point where the frames have rotted out, are drafty or only have one pane of glass, you may be wondering whether you should repair or replace old windows. It may be tempting to try to repair them and make do, but if you are living in an older home, your windows are not as energy efficient as newer models.


Repair or Replace Old Windows: The Answer

In the situations listed above, you are better off replacing your old windows as opposed to repairing them.

  • Wood deteriorates due to exposure to the elements if it has not been primed or painted correctly or has been exposed to wet and humid weather over a number of years. Rotten frames and/or sashes will allow air leaks (drafts) and water to get into your house.
  • Older windows may only have a single pane of glass. During the winter, you will notice cold spots if you sit or stand near the windows in your home. You may even notice condensation or ice forming on the interior of your windows.
  • If you have older windows and are considering selling your home in the next few years, it makes sense to upgrade your windows before listing your property. Taking this step will increase your home’s value and make it more attractive to potential buyers. Having newer, energy efficient windows is a feature that is on the list of must-haves or like-to-haves for a majority of buyers. Your home will sell faster and for a higher price if you make this investment before putting it on the market.

Enerview Windows from George Kent Home Improvements

When the time comes to replace your old windows, consider our private label line, Enerview. Our energy-efficient windows have a LoE (low emissivity) coating to increase their insulating value by close to 40 percent. The glass is produced with a patented LoE coating technology; it filters out heat from the sun during the summer months and allows the sun’s natural energy to penetrate during the winter.


Download our online brochure to find out more about Everview windows. For more information or a free quote, contact us today.

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