Make Your Gutters More Secure from Birds – Here’s How

Birds cannot survive extremely cold climates that is why they are well-known to fly south every winter season. They will constantly seek for warmer climates, and as winter comes closer, there is no doubt that they can settle inside the parts of your roof as it retains all of the heat they need. However, as they build their nests, the possibility of your gutters getting clogged also builds up. In this article, we will share some unconventional ideas that can keep these birds away from the gutter system of your home.


Install Gutter Shields

Your first order of business to keep these birds away involves installing shields for your gutters. Gutter shields are usually made of sturdy aluminum that can reinforce and strengthen the efficiency of your home’s gutters. Aside from being durable, shielded gutters can funnel rainwater away from your roof much better than unshielded ones which are a rather good way to avoid rust and leaks. In addition, gutter shields can keep natural debris out even if it was not placed there by birds trying to make their current nest.


Try Steel Mesh

If you are not comfortable using gutter shields, then it would require something similar to use in order to protect your gutters. If you are on the lookout for some steel mesh to work with, you may also find that it is also known as a hardware cloth. In any event, it functions the same—keeping natural debris and birds’ nests away from your gutter system. It is less aesthetically-pleasing as aluminum gutter shields are, but it can eventually get the job done.


Drive Off the Birds

If you have already tried and tested the two techniques that we have shared above and the problem still persists, then you may be in need of something with a more vigorous approach. Repelling these birds away from your house does not have to be cruel. Spread some repellent on your gutters, and then sit back and observe as the birds start to leave. This is because they sense that your siding and roof are no longer the places for them to reside. Should you reside in a neighbourhood in which you see various types of birds rounding up the entire summer, then it is a sign that you have to use plenty of repellents to keep them off your home.


Shake Them Up with Sound

The bird repellent may prove to be exactly what you need to push the birds away from your house. Oftentimes though, you will need a secret weapon to scare off the stubbornness of these birds who cannot seem to understand what you want to happen. Consider using high-frequency sound emitters which will frighten these birds but will not present a nuisance to your neighbours. However, in order for this to work, you have to ensure that the speaker system cannot be damaged nor dislodged. This may be the most effort-intensive solution that you can try, but it sure does work.


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