Leaky Roofs – What Can be Causing Them?

Having a durable roof is one of the most important things when you have a home, right after a strong and sturdy foundation. Just like it is necessary to fix cracks in a foundation to make sure that the rest of your home is not affected from the ground up, it is also important to fix leaks in the roof in order to protect your home from the top down. If you suspect that you have a leaky roof, hiring a professional roofing contractor can help determine the causes and to perform necessary roof repairs.


To avoid any leaks or other roof issues from happening, it is important to schedule regular inspections, perform general maintenance, and have repairs completed as quickly as possible. Acting quickly can help save time and money.



There are several reasons why leaks may develop, both from natural and manmade causes. No matter what the cause is, it is a must to seek the services of a reliable roofing contractor like George Kent Home Improvements Ltd. to get your roof back in its best shape and to make sure that your home is protected from the elements of nature.


Shingles and Flashing

Something as simple as a broken shingle can be the culprit of a leaky roof. Severe weather and high winds can also cause shingles to crack and break off, or become loose, leaving your roof exposed. If the nails that are used to secure shingles are not properly sealed with a durable coating, then it can leave exposed holes that allow moisture and water to get into your attic. Broken or cracked flashing can also cause leaks.


Improper Installation or Repairs

If you have had previous roof repairs done but leaks keep coming back, then you either got a problem with the workmanship of your previous roofing contractor or the materials that they used (sometimes both). Improper installation of elements such as chimneys and skylights can also cause roof leaks. Leaks that are caused by these problems are generally easy to spot. You just have to look for small streams of water or wet spots coming out of skylights or running down the walls or they chimney when it rains.


Plumbing and Pipe Problems

Pipes run throughout your home – even in the roof, so there are a number of areas that common leak sources that are related to your home’s ventilation and plumbing system. Anytime that there are cracked or worn rubber boots and flashing around the vent pipes that come out of your roof, these are signs that you are in need of repairs.

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