How to Clean your Exterior Doors to Keep them Looking their Best

Exterior doors are the first things visitors to your home see and you’ll want to keep them looking their best. If you haven’t taken the time to clean them for a while, look after this curb appeal project and give the outside of your home a boost the next time there is some nice weather and you have a bit of time to devote to the task.


How to Clean your Exterior Doors: the Steps

  • Remove loose dirt.

Take your vacuum cleaner and run the nozzle attachment around the door frame, trim and along the contoured edges or recesses on the door face, if any. This will remove large pieces of debris or cobwebs.

  • Mix Cleaning Solution

You can use equal parts vinegar and water and pour it in a spray bottle for an inexpensive and environmentally friendly cleaner. Murphy’s Oil Soap and water (follow the direction on the bottle) is another good choice for cleaning exterior doors.

  • Wet Door and Wipe Off

Spray cleaning solution on door to coat thoroughly. Use a clean cloth or sponge to wipe away dirt, fingerprints and debris. The vinegar and water can also be used to clean glass inserts on your door. Use old newspapers to dry the glass; they will give you a streak-free finish.

Tough stains that will not come off with your regular cleaner can be removed with mineral spirits. Dampen a cloth or sponge and rub the spot or stain until the stain can be wiped away easily.

  • Shine up your Door’s Hardware

Use brass or steel polish on the door’s hardware. Apply a small amount of polish and then wipe it clean with a separate cloth. Be sure that you have removed all of the polish so that the door handle will not be left too slippery to open.


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