Features to Look for in Your Front Door

Replacing front doors is one of the top home improvement projects that homeowners take on because of its many benefits. It’s no wonder! Firstly, it instantly gives your façade an instant lift. Additionally, if you got the right kind of door, it can improve your home’s energy efficiency and give comfort and security to your family. Of course, it can also increase the value of your property.


For these reasons and more, you need to be careful when choosing your front door replacement. And to help you with this decision, here is the list of the features you should look for to make sure you make a great investment:


  • Durability

Your current door may be keeping the interior of your home safe from the harsh weather elements like rain, strong winds, and heat. However, as the years pass, it may eventually show age and get damaged so you’ll need to replace it. So for your new door, go for durable materials that can withstand extreme conditions for years and years to come. Steel and fiberglass are very durable. Steel can endure any element. Fiberglass can also resist wear and tear and keep its smooth surface for a really long time.



  • Aesthetics

You very well know that your front door contributes a lot to the overall appeal of your home, so make sure you get one that works well as a focal point. You can choose one that reflects your personality or one that goes well with the other elements of our exteriors. Of course, you can accessorize with beautiful knobs, handles, and even knockers and peepholes. George Kent’s high-quality entrance systems come in a variety of colours and you can even design your own door. That means you have control over what your front door would look like!


  • Energy Efficiency

You may not realize it but your doors can definitely help you save money on your bills by minimizing your energy consumption. Our doors are much more efficient than traditional wood doors. The kind and quality of glass also have an effect on the insulation value of your door. All our insulated steel and fiberglass replacement doors are Energy Star rated, a proof that we meet the energy requirements.


By looking for these features when you go “door-hunting” you make sure that you add value to your home, save a lot of money, and give your curb appeal a much-needed lift. Are you ready to purchase your replacement front door? Give George Kent Home Improvements a call now!

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