Choosing the Best Door for Your Entryway

A home’s front door says a lot about the people who live in it. This is why selecting the best entry door for your home adds value to it more than you think. Since a front door has the ability to improve or degrade your home’s curb appeal and safety, it is important to replace it with a high-quality door. Trust us, it will be a great investment.


Replacing a home’s front entry door is a worthwhile project as its value will nearly exceed its actual cost. When it comes to looking for the perfect front door that will remain within your budget and exceed your expectations, you have a wide array of options to choose from – materials, colours, design and safety. Here are great tips that will help you select the right front door for your home:



This is probably the most important thing – determining what you are comfortable spending. It is easy for any home improvement project to go over budget, so you have to make sure that you know what your budget is from the start. There are several things you need to look at when determining the costs of a door:


*Estimated useful life

*Upfront costs vs. long-term benefits

*Energy efficiency

*Maintenance requirements

*Weather performance and protection

*Features included

*Pre-finishing costs

*Additional painting or staining requirements

*Hardware and accessories

*Remodeling additional entry features such as lighting, stairs or doorbell



The material that your door is made from can directly affect its performance. This includes maintenance, durability, and appearance. Material choice will also help you determine the price of your door, so it is important to keep this in mind. Most doors will either be steel, wood, or fiberglass, and many doors offer panel styles that can have additional glass on them. Decorative glass is also an additional cost and it comes in a variety of patterns featuring bevels, caming, and textures.



You also have to determine the size of your entryway. A standard exterior entry door is 80 x 30 inches wide, and almost 2 inches thick. Your entryway, depending on your home, may require a taller, larger, wider, thicker, and sometimes even a double door. To make sure that you pick the right size door, be sure to include any transoms, sidelights, or other decorative elements. If you are unsure what size of entry door your home needs, do not hesitate to contact our professionals for further assistance.



Be sure to choose a door style that will complement the design of your home, and one that will add to your home’s curb appeal. Keep in mind that your front entry door will represent you or your family’s personality. So, if you are more of the traditional type, you may want to invest on a classic wood paneled door. If you are more artistic, you might want to include decorative glass elements. Your options are quite endless – you just have to determine the look you want your front door to have!


Here at George Kent Home Improvements, Ltd., we can help you choose the best door that will help you improve your home’s overall appearance and safety. CONTACT US TODAY!

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