A Quick Guide to Maintaining Your Residential Roof

Strong winds, rains, storms, hail and other factors (both related and unrelated to weather) will play a role in the wear and tear of residential roofs. However, with the right steps, you can delay or prevent the deterioration of your roof. Let us tell you how – continue reading this blog!


Remember, the biggest factors that determine the eventual lifespan of a roof are:

*The quality of the materials used for the roof installation;

*The workmanship by the roofing contractor or roof installers.



Any debris that falls on your roof must be washed or swept away immediately. Debris has the ability to retain moisture and that moisture will lead to the growth of mildew and mold that will gradually act on the roof, leading to its breakdown. Cleaning your roof can be done by yourself, but it is also best to have our roofing experts help you out. You have to make sure that your gutter is cleaned, too.



You can easily see debris with the naked eye, but roof damage, however, can be in the form of holes, cracks, and bruises that are hard to detect with just a quick glance. This is why you must take more steps to have your roof inspected closely. One great tool that can help you do it without having to climb your roof is a pair of binoculars. If you do notice something amiss with your roof, give us a call immediately so we can take a closer look.



Roof repairs can be quite expensive, so make sure that you get some good roof insurance that will cover all your needs in the future. Be sure that you get insurance on both regular repairs and roof replacement. With George Kent Home Improvements Ltd., you can be sure to get great deals with our roofing products and services. Reach out to us today to know what those deals are.



Hiring a reputable roofing contractor like George Kent Home Improvements Ltd. is another great step to ensure that your roof will last for many years to come. We offer quality roof repair and maintenance services. We also provide roofing inspection services. Aside from our services, we are also a licensed company, so you can be sure that you will be saving money in the long run.


For any inquiries or roofing concerns, please visit our website today for more information. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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