4 Exterior House Trends for 2019

You know all about fashion trends, but did you know there’s a new wave of exterior house trends hitting the scene this year? From paint colors to material choices and beyond, these simple exterior home trends are making a splash around Canada right now:

1. Dark Exterior Colors

Once upon a time, virtually every home on the block was painted a version of beige. Today, though, that’s changing. Dark, moody colors like deep plums and greens are hot right now. In addition to setting homes apart, these colors provide more depth and can draw attention to interesting architectural features on the house.

2. Larger Exterior Living Spaces

Exterior living has been a growing trend in recent years and is set to grow this year. By “exterior living,” these homes don’t mean a patio or deck. Instead, homes following this trend feature an indoor/outdoor deck and porch spaces that enhance a property’s curb appeal and extend the available living space.

3. Floor-to-Ceiling Windows

Window trends have been a key component of home design for years. In 2019, though, windows and sliding doors are set to take on new dimensions. Today, floor-to-ceiling windows (and even entire glass walls that open to the exterior) have become beautiful and popular ways to allow more light into a space and to make the view the centerpiece of the home.

4. Black as an Accent Color

Dark colors have been gaining in popularity, and black has made its way from house color obscurity to a favored accent color. This year, you’ll see black in traditional accent areas, like shutters and the front door of a home, as well as in more edgy areas, like accent walls, siding, and trim.

Housing Trends for 2019 and Beyond

While trends, by definition, don’t tend to stay in fashion for very long, these unique design ideas are a great way to set your home apart and give it some added character. Whether you decide to add some edgy black to your home’s exterior, install some dramatic windows, or simply change up your home’s color, our team can help. Contact us today to learn more.

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