Roof Gables: What are They?

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Have you ever suffered from disastrous wind damage on your roof recently? If you are concerned about high wind advisories present in your area, then you definitely need to have your roof fixed or even replaced as soon as possible. However, during the procedure, your roofing professional may cite to you the chance of adding roof gables which were not present before. Let us learn more about these roof gables.


What Separates Them from the Others?

The expression “gable” is used to recognize the exact triangle-shaped wall located on a sloped roof. However, it is essential to say that the roof itself is not the gable. Together with a sloped roof, you may also want to consider having a gabled roof on your home. It is also easy to confuse the triangular portion of a gambrel roof for a roof gable.


Where Did the Name Come from?

The term for roof gables will not be made possible without the Greeks and the Germans. It is believed that the word itself first came from the Greeks, who happen to have a word ‘kephale’ which is defined as head. The Germans, on the other hand, have another word that does not only sound the same, but it is also almost spelled identically: gabel. So, now that we have a bit more background and context to help us understand what roofing gables are and what function they serve, let us discuss a few of the most common types you will discover:


What Are Some Common Types?

Location: Roof gables are not exclusive to houses. Any construction can be made to possess this kind of roof. You may observe a gable on the front part of the roof, or even around the other side. From time to time, a roof can be cross-gabled. A cross-gabled roof means that the gable usually rests on both the front and on the side instead of one or the other. Both of these gables are linked by what is called a valley roofing.


Porches: Most of the time, porches can promote roof gables too, along with dormers. Even though the expression dormer may be unknown to you, you can simply consider it this way: gable dormers are dividers to your gables themselves.



Pediment roof gables are more of decorative and stylish compared to most gables that only helps support the roof. In addition, it is also possible, and sometimes even more desirable, to create your roof gables more complicated as part of improving your home’s aesthetic. In cases like this, the outcomes have been all either parapets or even corbiesteps.


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