Quick Window Fixes

A hole through a glass pane.

So your kid was playing one afternoon and his baseball has gone through the window and there’s no way you can replace your window that very same day. Does that mean you should just let the cold air, as well as those pesky bugs, get into your house in the meantime? Not at all!

Here are some of the easiest and quickest fixes you can do if things go wrong with your window:

Shattered Pane

Back to the damage your kid’s baseball made. You are going to need a temporary patch to ensure that you keep the chill out until you are able to replace that shattered window pane. What you can do is remove the broken glass first. Don’t forget to wear heavy-duty work gloves! Then staple a square (or rectangular) piece of thick plastic like a garbage bag onto the surrounding sash. You can also tape down the edges for added security.

Painted Shut Sash

You painted the frames and you mistakenly had the window sash painted shut, too. Quickly run a utility knife between the sash and stop so you can break the paint bond. If it has seeped quite deep between the two pieces, you may have to extend the blade of your utility knife so you can slide it all the way in between.

Thin Crack in the Pane

Sometimes, due the stresses and strains, you might find a crack in the pane of your double-hung window. You want to make sure that you’re keeping wind and rain causing further damage or getting inside your home.to do this, you can temporarily apply masking tape to both sides of the crack.

Tiny Hole

A high-powered BB gun of one of your neighbours had accidentally shot a perfect little hole in your window. This may not mean you have to replace the pane! See if anyone in the house has a clear nail polish. Apply that into the hole. Wait for it to dry then repeat the application until you’ve built up the nail polish and the hole is covered.

Stuck or Broken Window

When you are handling a window problem, be careful not to bang on a stuck window pane or sash as you could slip and get your hand through the glass which is extremely dangerous. Be patient and take time when removing glass. Also, remember to wear thick work gloves. Do not pick up shards with your bare hands. Instead, use duct tape to pick them up and wrap their edges with the tape. If the glass pieces are firmly affixed in the sash, apply linseed oil on the putty and wait for a couple of hours until the putty is a little softer and it’s less risky to remove the glass shards.

If your windows are always giving you trouble, or are not doing the job they’re supposed to do properly, it may be time to replace them. A wide selection of energy-efficient and highly durable windows is available to you at George Kent Home Improvements. Contact us and let’s talk about your options!

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