5 Things That May Be Making Your Home Look Outdated

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Do you remember the last time you’ve made some changes to your house? How long ago was it? If you can’t remember clearly, most likely, it’s been way too long. If you’re wondering why your home seems to look so outdated, you should read on and find out if these things are to blame for your home’s drab appearance:


Your Wall Color

You might not notice the color of your walls because you’ve gotten used to it, but you can bet that your guests do. If your walls are still painted dusty rose, mauve, or worse, avocado, it’s really time to repaint. But this is very easy to do and it’s not that costly either. Consider a more neutral color that’s classic if you plan to keep the paint job for a really long time. You can also go for trendier shades like plum, steel blue, or even red. Just be ready to change it when the shade goes out of trend.


Your Old Door

Does your door look like it is welcoming guests to a haunted house? Get a new one! As you know, your door is the first thing your guests see when they come to visit. You don’t want them to have a bad impression of your home and how you keep it. An old and creaky door can quickly make your house look older than it really is. Replace it with a new one. You can choose from George Kent Home Improvement’s selection of doors that come in different styles and colours! You can have one customized for you!


Your Worn-Out Windows

Just like your door, your windows are one of the first things that people notice. If yours are in terrible shape, you can just imagine how old that makes your home look. Aside from aesthetic reasons, worn out windows may not be doing its job properly anymore, and may actually be adding to your energy consumption. When you’re done choosing a beautiful door at George Kent Home Improvement, go ahead and check out our array of windows. Make sure you go for a style and colour that complements your new door, too!


Your Retro Curtains

If you have already replaced your windows but you still think that part of the wall looks like it’s straight from the ‘70s, it may be because you’re still using your mother’s window treatment. Those heavy floral draperies are just a tad too blast from the past, and honestly, the past is where they belong. Oh, and don’t forget to remove all the tassels that come with them! Find your home a new window treatment. Or if you have no problem with showing your home’s interior a bit, leave your windows bare!


Your Flop Furniture

Look around your home. Do you still have that lava lamp from college? Do you still sleep in a sleigh bed? Your furniture can be what’s making your home look so outdated. It may be a bit expensive to replace all of your furniture, but you can always do it one at a time. Also, furniture these days are not as pricey as they used to be.


Nothing is wrong with wanting a traditional home. But remember that traditional is different from old and dreary. Make sure that you know the difference, and know when your home needs an update!

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