Upgrade Your Home With Storm Doors

Given Canada’s long winter months, homeowners can benefit immensely from installing storm doors – from promoting energy efficiency to providing added home security. Storm doors have relatively low initial costs and can last a pretty long time.

Deciding on whether storm doors are for you can be intimidating for some, that is why we have come up with a list of advantages to help you make the best choice. Read more about it below:

  1. Storm doors are energy efficient

Installing storm doors help keep your home energy efficient by creating an added barrier between you and the winter cold (or even the summer heat). Some storm doors are made of low-emissivity glass that can immensely reduce energy loss.

They also prevent air leakage by providing an added pocket of insulation for your front door. This helps prevent precious heat from escaping the confines of your home.


  1. They protect your front door

Storm doors can protect your front door from the harsh weather elements –like ice and snow- that can damage it. Installing a storm door is a much cheaper and more practical alternative to repairing a damaged and worn out front door, don’t you think?

There are also some storm doors that come with screen inserts, which can prevent unwanted critters from crawling where they are not wanted – inside your home.


  1. They provide added security

Storm doors are equipped with their own locking mechanism, which provides added security for your home. A storm door can also keep unwanted visitors at a safe distance by giving you an added barrier.


  1. They are easy to install

Storm doors are fairly easy to install and take down if you find no need for it. The market is saturated with DIY storm door kits you can take home and install the same day. Check out the different options you have and opt for higher quality storm doors instead of the cheaper alternatives for better results.

If installing storm doors is too much for your busy schedule, give our contractors a call. They can find the best one that suites your needs and install it for you while you do what you have to do. Give us a call today.


You see, with its low upfront costs, durability and many benefits, installing a storm door is really the way to go. Storm doors are also very flexible, you can make good use of them no matter what the season may be. Once you’ve decided, don’t forget to give us a call.

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