Vinyl Siding FAQs: Answers To Your Most Common Questions

Gone are the days of the thick, cheap, and tacky looking vinyl products of yesteryear. Today, vinyl siding can boost your home’s curb appeal and is every bit as durable, weatherproof, and fade-resistant as other, more expensive materials. Plus, it has many other advantages!

Thinking of replacing the siding on your home, or looking to build a new house? In this blog, we answer the most commonly asked questions about vinyl siding to help you with your decision.

How Much Does Vinyl Siding Cost?

Though the vinyl siding estimates for your home will depend on several factors, you can rest assured that vinyl is one of the most cost-effective materials on the market. According to the Vinyl Institute of Canada, vinyl offers unmatched value over any other exterior siding, including wood, stucco, or brick, especially when it comes to installation.

How Long Does Vinyl Siding Last?

When you think of it, your siding is essentially the first line of defence for your home. Vinyl siding can withstand hot climates, long winters, and strong winds without fading or warping — provided it is installed professionally. Not only does vinyl siding offer excellent protection against mother nature, it is extremely durable, typically lasting 60 years or more.

What Maintenance Does Vinyl Siding Require?

Vinyl siding is extremely low-maintenance, but it isn’t exactly maintenance-free. Depending on the positioning of your home, mould or grime might accumulate over time. We recommend an occasional cleaning with soap, a sponge, and your garden hose every 2-3 years to keep your vinyl siding looking like new.

Is Vinyl Siding Customizable?

Vinyl siding has evolved to become extremely customizable. You can choose from just about any colour, texture, or pattern to match or update your home’s exterior. There are even vinyl siding options that resemble wood, brick, or stone, making it an obvious choice for many homeowners.

Is Vinyl Siding Energy Efficient?

Vinyl siding is not only a cost-effective choice, it’s an environmentally-friendly choice, too! Vinyl siding is incredibly energy efficient when installed with insulation behind it. Not only does it help retain much of the energy, heat, and air conditioning produced within your home, it reflects radiant heat, helping lower your energy bills. Lastly, as vinyl siding is so durable, it is a more sustainable material than many other alternatives.

At George Kent, we are the trusted partner for home improvements since 1949. We offer vinyl siding in a variety of styles, textures, and colours to meet your needs and design preferences. Contact us today to request your free estimate for your siding project.

  • Harry Frank

    I have a solid brick older home. Can I install vinyl siding with insulation over the brick to insulate and protect the brick exterior?

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