Window Replacements: When Should You Do It?

Most homeowners neglect to pay attention to their windows. This can be a costly mistake that does not only make any space appear worn out but can actually cause your utility bills to shoot up incredibly.
Above aesthetic and energy efficiency, a broken window can also pose potential dangers to your safety as a family. While windows are almost always repairable, there are certain damages that require you to replace them completely.
If you want to find out whether it is time to repair or replace your home windows, read our blog! We tell you the biggest signs of damage that should be enough for you to consider a complete replacement. Read the entry below to know more.
⦁ Rotten and dilapidated windows
A rotten and dilapidated window wastes an incredible amount of energy through the many leaks it has, thus causing your electric bill to shoot up tremendously. Windows that are plagued with rotten trimmings and broken glass can pose potential risks to the safety of the people living in your home and can even be an easy-way-in for those who wish to do you harm.
You can opt to repair rotten and dilapidated windows when the damage appears spotty. However, if the damage is far worse than that, make sure to contact a licensed contractor who can perform a complete replacement right away.
⦁ Feeling the draft
Your home should be a comfortable place for everyone. If a particular room becomes too drafty to bear, you might want to inspect the windows. Although all windows are designed to allow a certain amount of air infiltration, this should not disrupt the air quality. If it is becoming too drafty for your liking, consider replacing the windows.
Yes, there are many sealants that are fairly inexpensive and easy to apply but they are not what industry experts call “permanent fixes”. They do a pretty good job at first but may wear out in time, resulting in the same problem. Spare yourself the stress and replace those windows right away.
⦁ When your home’s energy efficiency suffers
Windows are designed to keep the bad elements out and keep the heat in. If you notice a sudden increase in your utility bill, chances are your windows are not doing a good job at keeping the heat indoors – causing your HVAC system to work a whole lot harder to keep the insides of your home warm.
Replacing your windows today can not only help you reap in big savings but can also improve your home’s indoor air quality. Don’t stress about the numbers because the huge savings you’ll make in the long run will most certainly offset the costs of replacing your windows.
These are just a few telltale signs every homeowner needs to watch out for. If you are experiencing any of these problems, make sure to get in touch with us, ASAP! We have a team of seasoned estimators and installers ready to assist you with all your home improvement needs. George Kent has been providing quality home repair and maintenance services since 1949. Get in touch with us and find out why our services stand out from the rest.

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