Why You Should Hire an Energy Advisor Before Your Next Major Renovation

When you are undertaking a major renovation on your home, it’s a large investment of time and money. Not only are you looking to improve the function and appearance of your property, but you want to make changes that will add to its value, should you ever want to sell it in the future.

Why You Should Hire an Energy Advisor 

While an energy evaluation from a Certified Energy Advisor (CEA) is not mandatory when you are taking on this type of project, it can only benefit you. In much the same way that going for a physical check-up from your doctor will alert you to issues that you may not be aware of and provide you with advice on how to deal with them, a CEA is a licensed professional who can evaluate your home, conduct tests and provide advice about improving efficiency and sustainability.

The CEA can help you find the best building materials for your project to maximize the air quality in your home. If you or anyone else suffers from allergies, this is an important consideration. You also want to avoid a situation where you are allowing excess moisture to enter your home, since it is a breeding ground for mold, which can lead to health issues.

Energy efficiency is another area that a CEA can also help with. If your renovation involves installing new windows, for example, you must consider the type of installation method the contractor will use. The two methods are “brick to brick” or “retrofit”. By far the most Energy efficient is brick to brick where the entire old frame is removed and the window properly insulated. This method generally adds 30% more to the cost but is far more beneficial.

Energy Rebates May be Available

Along with providing excellent advice about materials and the most energy-efficient design for your major renovation, a CEA can provide you with valuable information about government or utility company energy rebates that are available.

When you are making out your budget for a major renovation for your home, adding in the cost of a CEA is an investment that will pay off for you and your family. You will get the expert advice you need to make sure that you have your bases covered as far as making sure that your reno project is sustainable and energy efficient. You will benefit now and in the future, and that is money well spent.

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