Why Is the Labour Warranty so Important for Windows or Roofing

When your home is in need of roofing or window home improvement repairs, you need quality service that you can rely on to get the job done properly. This is because both of these repairs can be a substantial amount of money for a consumer to fork over and when an investment is this large, you need to be able to rely on the person or persons in question to be able to do the job. The unfortunate reality is that many shady contractors exist who prey on a homeowner’s lack of expertise and may offer them promises which they do not intend to keep.

However, there are problems that can result even from the most experienced of workers and that is where warranties come into effect. There are many types of warranties that exist and the most commonly backed warranties when it comes to roofing and windows work are labour and materials based. They are both very important in their own right to saving the consumer their hard earned money down the road. The Labor warranty should be considered an insight into the actual quality of the product. The installation company through their experience know how long it takes most products to begin to fail. There is a reason most cars carry a 3 year or 36,000 mile warranty as they know parts will begin to fail after that date.

It is important to note that all warranties will have their own conditions and variables and not all act the same, and so they should be looked at in great detail to fully comprehend what the coverage entails. Carefully inspect warranties and any fine print to note any stipulations which may impact your coverage.

In general however, materials based warranties cover the cost of materials if repairs are needed after a job and labour warranties cover the cost of the required labour. This article will focus on the importance of having labour based warranties in places when conducting home improvement jobs.

They Act as Another Layer of Protection

Like material warranties, labour warranties act as a separate layer of protection for homeowners in case of issues that arise in the installed products. While unlikely, these things do happen. If a faulty installation takes place, or if damage is incurred and maintenance is required, without a warranty in place, several hundred, if not thousands of extra dollars may be needed to conduct repairs. Without a labour warranty the only coverage is the cost of the materials. If both types of warranties are present within the contract, then both would be covered.

They Will Give You Peace of Mind

Constantly having to worry about damage incurring on your windows or roof can lead to many sleepless nights. Fortunately, having labour warranties in place can help to relieve that burden. Knowing that you have coverage in the case of a defect or problem will give consumers the peace of mind they deserve and allow them to function normally without having to be freaked out over the money they may or may not have to spend in case of a problem.

They Are Full Proof Contracts

Labour warranties are bound by law to provide the consumer with a fix in the case of an issue. This means that no contactor can get out of them and they are legally bound to fix the problem. Having this statement in writing is imperative because having an oral contract may not always hold up. If court action becomes necessary due to negligence from failure to act on a warranty, having a signed document will easily provide the court systems with sufficient evidence to have your case granted and you will be reimbursed. Shady contractors may promise you they’d come back if a problem happens only to never hear from them again. This is why having a warranty which acts as a guarantee is crucial for homeowners to have.

Here at George Kent, we know the importance of warranties and the burden they can lift which is why we offer the strongest warranties in the industry. If you are in need of expert roofing or window repair and installation, contact us today and we will be happy to handle your needs.

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