What to Do When Shingles Fall Off Your Roof

If you notice that shingles have fallen off your roof after a storm, you have some choices. Since this product is made to withstand high winds and water damage, you should be concerned when they start to come off the roof. The issue could be that the shingles were not installed properly or there may be a problem with the batch of shingles that you purchased. Either way, you need to decide whether you want to try to repair the damaged area or replace the roof.

Before you make your decision about what to do when shingles fall off your roof, you need to consider a few things:

  • How extensive is the damage?

If individual shingles are torn or damaged, they can be removed, and new ones can be put in their place. The patch job may not match the rest of the roof unless you saved some shingles from the original roofing job or you had the work done fairly recently.

  • Are you planning to sell your home soon?

If there is a possibility that you will be putting your house up for sale soon, you will be better off having at least a partial reroofing done on your home. Repairing an entire section of the roof will make it easier to blend in the new shingles with the older ones, and any slight colour difference will be less noticeable.

Partial reroofing jobs may not be the ideal solution in all situations. Depending on the number of layers that need to be removed to apply the new shingles, the ridges may appear lopsided when the work is completed. The old roof could appear higher than the newer section.

  • How old is the roof?

If your existing roof is getting close to the end of the warranty period, you may be better off having the entire surface done rather than looking at having only a section replaced. You’ll need to make a choice about having the new roof installed over the existing one or whether it makes sense to tear the old one off. Consult with an experienced roofing contractor like George Kent before you make your decision. You can find out what your options are and get a free quote.

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