What is the Life Expectancy of Spray Foam Insulation?

Spray foam insulation has a number of advantages, and one of them is its long life expectancy. Homeowners who want to make sure that their insulation does not settle or shrink over time will also be happy with this choice. It’s also a great option for applications where a product for irregular or hard-to-fill spaces is needed.

This product has been available for over 30 years for commercial and industrial applications. Over the past decade, it has become more popular for residential use, as homeowners have started to demand more choice in insulation options. They have become more interested in products that are hypoallergenic and will provide improved energy efficiency in their homes. Fortunately for the modern homeowner, spray foam insulation fits the bill on both counts.


How Spray Foam Insulation is Installed

Spray foam insulation is professionally applied onto a studded wall by trained technicians. It can be sprayed after plumbing and electrical services have been put in place. The foam expands to several times its initial volume in just a few seconds, and permanently attaches to the surfaces of the surrounding building materials. It seals all gaps for maximum effectiveness.


Long Life Expectancy and Other Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

  • Spray foam insulation will last indefinitely.

It’s an inert product that will not break down over time. It can be used for residential and commercial applications.


  • It is not a food source for mold or bacteria.

This product has no food value for living organisms. It will not rot or decay over time.


  • Spray foam insulation helps to improve indoor air quality.

Unlike fiberglass insulation, spray foam does not have any loose fibres that may become airborne. It also reduces dust and the presence of mildew in the home. Once installed, it provides a healthier environment without adding any emissions that can lead to allergic reactions.


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