Ways You Might Turn Off a Home Buyer

Selling your current property can both be exciting and overwhelming. However, homeowners should really be careful about the changes they make in their properties or how they act as the smallest blunders could easily turn buyers off. Here are some ways you might be doing it unknowingly:


Covering Your Hardwood Floors with Carpet

Hardwood floors may not have worked for you, but that doesn’t mean others would feel the same way. In fact, buyers like hardwood floors because of both their aesthetic element and because they look cleaner. They also work better for buyers with allergies. If you have hardwood floors, do not cover them. Instead, let your buyer decide what to do with them.


Converting a Bedroom into Something Else

One of the first things a buyer looks for in a house is a great bedroom. It is true that a lot of people work from home and might want a space where they could work, but that doesn’t mean a dedicated home office is what they need. There is also a chance more buyers are looking for three bedrooms than two bedrooms and one office furnished with bookcases floor to ceiling that are not easy to move or remove.


Installing Unnecessary Fixtures

You may be all for ornate chandeliers and antique-looking light fixtures but chances are, prospective buyers would want a clean slate where they, as the new owners could express their personalities. Just like how you would want to decorate your own home, expect the new homeowner to want to do the same. Before putting your house up for sale, make sure your fixtures are neutral.


Smoking Cigarettes inside Your House

The smell of smoke stays for a really long time. It permeates the drapes, the carpets, and everywhere else. For the majority of buyers, that is something that is not at all attractive.


Displaying Your Pet’s Bed and Toys

While having a pet is a joy to most families, it may not bring the same feelings to a possible buyer. Dogs especially have their own scent that is not easy to remove or conceal. A dog’s toy, dish, and bed could also be a sore to a buyer looking for a really clean property.


Turning Your Garage into Your New Family Room

In most urban areas, parking is a premium commodity. Most people would even pay a bit more for a property where the security of their cars is assured. However if you converted your garage into a family room, it may be a big turn-off.


Selling a house is neither easy nor impossible. You just have to remember to make the house more neutral. There are a lot of home improvements you can do to attract buyers. George Kent Home Improvements can help with those projects. They will definitely be worth it.

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