Upgrade to Fiberglass or Steel Exterior Doors for Increased Energy Efficiency

Are you looking for an exterior door for your home? If so, energy efficiency should be one of the features on your list when making a decision. Many homeowners are looking to upgrade an existing wood door to a more modern product, and fiberglass or steel exterior doors are both excellent choices.


Why Replace a Wood Exterior Door?

  • It has become unglued.
  • It swells up and sticks with changes in temperature.
  • Cold air leaks around the edges, and it doesn’t matter how well you insulate it.


Advantages of Fiberglass Exterior Doors

If you like the look of a wood door at the entrance to your home but want something that is better insulated, consider upgrading to a fiberglass door. This product is available in both smooth finishes or embossed, wood-grain textures that look similar to real wood.

These doors can be painted or stained so that you can achieve a look that coordinates with the rest of your exterior trim. A fiberglass door is dent-resistant and doesn’t require a high level of maintenance.


Advantages of Steel Exterior Doors

Steel exterior doors are immensely popular with homeowners, and they offer a high degree of security and weather resistance. With the exception of dents, this style of door requires little maintenance. If a steel door does become dented, they are difficult to repair. Any scratches must be painted promptly to avoid becoming rusty.

When you choose a steel entry door for your home, you won’t have the problem of sticking due to temperature changes any longer. Since a steel door has a hollow shell, it can be insulated and made more energy efficient. Most types don’t require a storm door to keep the heat in your home during the winter.


When looking for an exterior door, be sure to check whether it has an Energy Star rating. This destination indicates that the door meets specific energy levels for four climate zones in Canada. All products must also be certified as being energy efficient by an accredited agency.

If you are looking for fiberglass or steel doors, George Kent Home Improvements carries a complete line of Energy Star rated products for you to choose from. Visit our website to see door samples and to get a free quote today.

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