Trending Home Upgrades for 2017


Do you love your home? You probably do, right? But that does not mean that every once in a while you feel like you need to make some changes or “upgrades” to make living there more comfortable. This will also make coming home from work every day something to really look forward to.

Now, trends for homes change from year to year, so before you decide on a project, you might want to check our list first. Here are the top trends for 2017:


Customized Elements

Now is not the time to get what everyone else has in their homes. This year is all about making original and creative choices. So instead of picking the first door you see in that showroom, customize your own! George Kent Home Improvements allows homeowners to design their own doors! The option to customize is also applicable to windows.


Energy-Efficient Materials

Homeowners these days know that aesthetics is not the singular factor to be considered when having home improvement projects done. Like the last few years, 2017 recognizes the importance of making eco-friendly choices. The fact that windows like the ones from George Kent Home Improvements can save you energy is enough to get them. The fact that they are aesthetically pleasing too is a total bonus!


Best Basement

You might want to devote a weekend or two to remove your old boxes of knick-knacks from your basement because this often neglected room is making a comeback. Now basements are being turned into man-caves, hobby rooms, home offices, and guest rooms. Clean out yours and brighten the entire space by painting the walls with a light colour and the ceilings white. Choose lighting fixtures carefully, add mirrors, and make the space as homey or as sophisticated as you like. It’s really up to you!


Fantastic Attic

Not to be left behind, attic renovations are also to be prioritized this year. You can turn this space into a family room, your kids’ playroom, or even an escape if you just need time on your own. Take advantage of this room and find creative ways to max out the space.


Open Kitchen

We are seeing more of this upgrade this year. Walls are getting knocked down, and the kitchen is now merged with the dining area and even the living room, allowing for a more free-flowing visual in the house.


If you’re looking for ways to upgrade your home this year, these trends should definitely be considered. Are you considering replacing your windows and doors, or perhaps even your roof? These are timeless upgrades that you can do whatever year it may be. Call George Kent Home Improvements and find out how we can help you!

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