Things You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Ask Your Contractor

When you are just about ready to push through with a home renovation project, one of the toughest parts would be choosing the right contractor. This is especially so if your family is recommending one but your colleagues swear by another. Having the right one could mean a very successful job but the wrong one could spell disaster.


If everyone is correct in saying that the key to finding the perfect contractor is asking the right questions, then you can stop worrying now. We have here for you, a list of the most important questions that you should not be afraid to ask your prospective pros:


Are you licensed? “YES” is the only answer to accept here. A general contractor who is serious about his business will definitely secure a license. A professional one must prove that he has the necessary skills and more than sufficient knowledge in his field to secure one. Therefore, the lack of a license could translate to lack of skills too.


Are you insured? You should not be afraid to ask this. After all, his insurance is our protection against fraud, substandard workmanship, and even non-completion of project. It is also expected of you to ask how much he is insured for too. The amount should be at the very least what your whole project is worth.


Can you guarantee your work? Please do not forget to ask this very important question. Your prospective contractor should be able to guarantee his work in writing. Only then can you hold a professional accountable for his job.


Who’s going to handle the project? Most homeowners assume that the person they speak with (who will most probably be the contractor himself) would be the same person to show up at their doorstep. But that is not usually the case. Therefore, it is important that you ask this to know who you shold expect to be in charge of everything. It will do you good to meet that person beforehand and discuss in detail what you expect of this project.


It is understandable that you ask a lot of questions. After all, it is your home and it is your money that will be spent. A reliable contractor should have no problem answering this. More than that, he should be more than willing to show clients his credentials and references, as only previous clients could attest to a contractor’s reliability.


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