6 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Windows

Damage to your windows can quickly escalate into greater problems for your home. Don’t wait until moisture has visibly damaged your window frame or a small crack causes the glass of your window to shatter before seeking professional help to replace your windows.

Here are 6 signs that it is time to replace the windows in your home:

1. Your Window Seals Are Broken

A sign that it's time to replace your windows is the condensation between glass pannels

The best indication of a broken seal is moisture in between the window panes. To test whether this is happening in your home, try to wipe away the condensation when your windows look wet or foggy to see if it is on the inside or not. Moisture between your window panes will create mould and damage the frames. Despite what you might have read online, re-filling the air between panes with argon gas or drilling small holes through the glass are not effective solutions and will not stop condensation.

2. Your Windows Are Poorly Installed

Sign that it's time to replace your windows is they were poorly installed. Image shows the removal of a poorly installed window

Sloppy caulking, gaps, noises and squeaks, and foggy windows are all signs that your windows were poorly installed. If you suspect your windows may be poorly installed, it is important to watch for dampness along the frame and sill. A faulty installation means that you are likely to get water damage, which can snowball into mould growth and damage the walls below the windows.

3. Your Windows Are Warped

Warped windows are a sign that its time to replace them. Old window on a dark wooden house that is warped and leaning left

Warped windows will put pressure on the vinyl frames and, over time, the vinyl will become brittle and break. When the windows in your home warp, they will let warm air out when you’d like to keep it in, and vice versa, reducing your home’s energy efficiency. Warped windows also make it difficult to open and close the windows, which can cause hardware to break.

4. Your Glass Is Cracked

cracking glass on a window. this is a sing its time to replace them, causes major damge

All cracked glass needs to be replaced. Cracked glass is more than just an aesthetic issue, it is a major safety concern. It is only a matter of time before that cracked glass will cause further damage to the window structure, and perhaps your home.

5. Your Hardware Is Broken

hardware on a window that is bent and broken. this is a sign its time to replace the windows

The benefits of functional windows (energy efficiency, privacy, security, etc.) are unattainable if you have broken cranks, handles, latches, or locks. Opening, closing, and locking your windows shouldn’t be part of your daily workout routine or chore list.

6. You Don’t Like Your Windows or Want Something New

a bright home with a stone fireplace and exposed wooden beams in the living room with big windows across the whole right wall

There’s nothing wrong with not loving your existing windows, they are a notable feature of your home. Upgrading your windows impacts the energy efficiency of your home, the natural light inside, and your overall curb appeal. Whether they are looking tired and worn, not your style, or you want to change the type or size of a window — if you don’t love them, replace them!

Trends and technology are always changing, so keep your eyes on the trends for something new like black frames or low-maintenance Neat® Glass technology. If your windows show signs that it’s time for you to replace them, our experts are always here to help. Contact the team at George Kent Home Improvement any time.

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