Retro Trends for Homes that are Making Their Way Back

The good old days are finally here once more! We know that deep inside you do feel nostalgic when you think about the house where you grew up. And because style and design have a way of coming back, you can now recreate your old home’s ambience without feeling like you live in an outdated space.


Here are some retro home ideas that are actually on trend now:

  • Remember those sunken rooms that were so trendy back in the ‘60s and ‘70s? They are back! Well, sort of. Those built-in seating features could be challenging to pull off but you can recreate the same feel by having your furniture arranged in such a way that your family or your guests can focus on having conversations instead of having everything facing the television.
  • Funky doors are back to brighten your space once more! No more are you limited to doors that reflect a minimalist style. Finally, you can have fun with colourful doors again. So go ahead and let your imagination run wild. George Kent Home Improvements offer you the freedom to customize your doors! That way, you can have doors in your home that welcome your guests the way you want to.
  • Built-in breakfast nooks in the kitchen are reminiscent of the ‘50s when everybody wanted to have their own diner-style booths at home. Now, we’re glad to say you can incorporate this cozy feature and enjoy meals with your kids like you used to when you were young!
  • The man cave’s older and more sophisticated is back to reclaim its space. Yes. You can transform your dark basement into an amazing bar again, and not feel like your friends are going to raise their eyebrows. Go ahead and build yours like those in the ‘70s, complete with warm wood panels for that genuine retro feel.
  • For reasons we don’t know, sunrooms have taken the back seat in the last few years when it comes to trendy home additions. But we’re happy to say that they are here once more to bring that warm and cheery atmosphere only they can give. George Kent Home Improvements have three amazing sunroom models that can be perfect for your home.


In the world of design, retro doesn’t mean passé. It means bringing back what made some years in the past really good – homes that excite you and give you comfort at the same time. We, at George Kent Home Improvement, aim for the same thing. That’s why whether your home improvements are bringing back fads of the past or not, we are here to give you high-quality services and products that you will enjoy for years and years to come.

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