Properly Caring for Your Siding – How It is Done

Has your siding been recently installed? If that is the case, then your home is probably looking better than it did before, and you have also increased its resale value – good going! Now, the next thing you want to do is to make sure that you maintain your new siding with proper and regular maintenance.


Let us tell you how you can properly maintain the different types of siding materials that are available on the market. With proper care, you can be sure that your siding will look beautiful for many years to come!



Having vinyl siding is great because not only is it ultimately low-maintenance, it is also easy to care for. The one rule you have to remember when you have vinyl siding is this: DO NOT PAINT IT. With all of the many great colours that vinyl siding comes in nowadays, there should be no need to have a colour change. Paint does not adhere well to vinyl, and it will just end up peeling off. In addition to the no-painting rule, you should also steer away from harsh chemicals when you are cleaning your vinyl siding.


While grass, dirt, and pollen can build up on your siding, one of the best ways to start cleaning your vinyl siding is with just a mild cleanser and your hose. You should also stay away from wire brushes, steel wool, or scrapers – all of which can discolour, scratch, or even puncture your siding. When cleaning your vinyl siding, you should use a soft cloth, and elbow grease to really clean your siding. While some jobs might require the use of a pressure washer, you should still be extremely careful when applying high-pressure water to vinyl siding. Be sure to keep the water stream straight to the siding because if you spray at an angle, water can be forced behind the siding, and that is the last thing you want. One last thing you need to remember when you have vinyl siding is to keep your grill at a distance as the heat can melt your siding, and will result in needed repairs.



If you have fiber cement siding, which is also a popular choice for low-maintenance and long-lasting siding material, make sure to give it regular maintenance if you want to keep it at optimal performance. The curing process used for fiber cement siding makes it very resistant to breaking, cracking, and moisture. Thus, fiber cement siding can stand up to strong winds, storms, and hail. While this type of siding is very moisture-resistant, there are areas that need to be attended to such as the parts where it joins doors, windows, and stone or brick facades. Inspecting this caulk regularly, and looking for any cracks or gaps is essential to ensure that your siding stays weathertight. Repairing the mentioned areas with a little caulk is usually all that you will need, but if you think that you need more extensive caulking repair, then you can definitely hire us! Just like with vinyl siding, using a gentle cleanser and a hose is your best option for cleaning dirt off its surface.

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