Oversized Air Conditioners: Why You Should Not Use Them

Ever heard the infamous saying, “Bigger is better?” Well, in the case of air conditioning units, this might not be applicable. Larger air conditioning units are louder, more expensive and more difficult to find a space for. If you need more specific reasons as to why you should not invest in bigger AC systems, just keep reading!


#01. Poor Indoor Air Quality

Your air conditioner is responsible for lowering your home’s temperature as well as removing dust, allergens and other particles that diminish the indoor air quality. However, an air conditioner that is too large for your home can be too efficient, that it will not need to run as often to maintain the temperature. This means that your air conditioner will also have less time to filter out irritants from your air.


#02. Increased Humidity

Your air conditioner is also responsible for removing moisture as it runs, but it cannot remove moisture if it is not running. This means that the humidity levels in your home will increase, leaving you feeling all sweaty and uncomfortable. Keep in mind that the more humid your home is, the warmer it will also feel. Not only that, but humidity will also leave your home more vulnerable to mold growth.


#03. More Energy

If you think that getting a larger air conditioning unit translates to lower energy bills, then you should think again. Larger HVAC units use more energy because although they run for shorter periods of time, they still require more power to operate. A larger air conditioning unit will get your home to temperature quickly, but it will also be turning on and off constantly just to maintain temperature – and that is not energy-efficient at all.


#04. Higher Cost

The upfront cost of a larger air conditioning unit combined with its costs over time will mean more money as compared to when you have a smaller AC unit. If you need a larger HVAC system and you want to cut down on installation costs, go for an air conditioner that is large enough to cool your space efficiently.


#05. Shorter Lifespan

Oversized air conditioners tend to shut on and off constantly – running for only 15 minutes or less at a time. Because of that, you will notice an increase in wear and tear on a larger AC unit as compared to a smaller one. More wear and tear translates to more repairs, and overall, a larger AC unit will also have a shorter lifespan.

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