Mistakes Homeowners Commit Every Fall

As the nights become longer and all you crave for is a relaxing weekend when you can just sit by the fireplace and enjoy a hot cup of something sweet, it is very easy to forget that your home, too, needs some TLC before winter really kicks in.

Taking care of necessary maintenance jobs while you still can (and the weather still permits them) means you and your family will be safe and comfortable in the coming months. However, it is common for homeowners to commit some maintenance mistakes during fall, and we want to avoid those. Here are some of them:


  • Forgetting About the Windows

Some homeowners go over the major parts of the house like the roofing and flooring, checking if everything is ready for winter but forget about their windows. Then they’ll remember about them when they feel uncomfortable cold drafts during winter. Make sure you seal the gaps around your windows between the siding boards during fall both to avoid those cold drafts and to lower your heating bill, too. You can also have an expert from George Kent Home Improvements check if your windows have reached the end of their lifespan and need replacement.



  • Fixing Your Roof on Your Own Using Old Materials

Winter could be the end of a roofing that has seen better days, so we always advise homeowners to check the state of their roofing before the harsh winter weather arrives. Many homeowners think the problem seems simple and they can easily fix it so they use their old flashing or gutter apron in an attempt to save money further. However, they do not realize that what they are doing is actually increasing the risk of damage! If you are trained enough, at least spring for brand new roofing materials. If you not, then you know you should call an expert roofer to do any roofing repairs for you.


  • Overlooking Your Dirty Chimney

Do you know that there is a high risk of a dangerous chimney fire if you let creosote buildup in the flue of your wood-burning fireplace? Stay safe by having your fireplace and chimney checked and cleaned by pro chimney sweeps.


  • Allowing Leaves to Pile Up in Your Gutters

If left up in the gutter, a pile of decomposing leaves as well as other debris can easily block your downspouts and just trap water. During these colder months, water may freeze and the blockages may lead to damage both to your gutter and your entire house.


These are just a few of the common mistakes homeowners commit during fall. Are you guilty of any of these? Can you add more to this list?


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