Know your Rights About Estimates and Contracts for Home Renovations

When you are having work done on your property, make sure you protect yourself. You need to know your rights about estimates and contracts for home renovations. This important information will make the process run more smoothly.

Before you Hire a Contractor for Home Renovations

Make sure you get more than one estimate for the work to be performed. You should ask at least three contractors to bid on the job, and be sure to get the estimates in writing.

The estimates should clearly set out the following:

–  Work you want to have done
–  List of materials
–  Services the contractor will provide
–  Prices

Consumer Rights About Estimates and Contracts for Home Renovations

Once you choose a contractor to do the work for you, make sure that the estimate which was previously provided is part of the contract. If the estimate forms part of the contract, the contractor cannot charge you more than 10 percent more than the estimated cost for the work unless you have specifically agreed to have new work performed or a new price and have signed a change to the contract.

The contract document should include these details:

–  Contractor’s name, address and phone number
–  Detailed description of the work to be performed and the materials which will be used
–  Total cost of the job and payment terms
–  Payment schedule, including deposit amount
–  Work schedule, (includes start and completion dates)
–  Who will be responsible for cleaning up after job is finished
–  A list of sub trades that will be contracted out on the job and who will be pay them (if applicable)
–  Description of any warranties

Holdbacks and Paying your Contractor

The Construction Lien Act allows you to hold back an amount equal to 10 percent of the amount of the contract for 45 days after the work has been completed. Not only will this help to ensure that the work performed will be high quality, but it will also protect you in case the contractor doesn’t pay the subcontractors or suppliers working on your home renovation project.

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