Keep Birds Out of Your Gutters with These Tips

It is quite common to see birds nesting inside dryer vents nowadays. While this has become a typical issue, from our experience as homeowners, it is not the only spot where these pesky birds manage to nest. Their other favourite spot that you should be aware of is gutters. Almost all types of birds, including doves, pigeons, starlings, thrushes, finches, and many other small to mid-sized birds, can find their way into your gutters.

In the event that you have birds nesting in your gutters, however, have not encountered real difficulties yet, here is why you should consider eliminating them as soon as possible:

Why Bird Nests in Gutters Are Bad…

  • Bird nesting components may sooner or later clog your gutter and cause it to overflow. As you may already be aware of, bird nests are usually made of feathers, leaves, branches, twigs, and grass clippings—the type of stuff you definitely do not want to be inside of your gutters. Even if a single bird nest cannot possibly clog an entire gutter, you have to bear in mind that gutters drain or empty into a downspout. In addition, the ends of the gutter where it connects to the downspout is where birds frequently choose to nest, because this area is usually guarded by the overhanging roof. Your gutters have nowhere to empty out as long as the entryway to the downspout is clogged. An overflowing gutter, in return, can damage your landscaping and even flood your basement in worse cases.


  • Birds inside your gutters can make loud noises. Depending on how well your home is insulated, birds inside your gutters can wake you up early in the morning without any difficulties. Besides the usual tweeting, you may also hear the sound of their claws against steel gutters, which travels the entire length of the gutter. The moment that their eggs hatch, they will make abundant and diverse trips in search for food to feed their babies, and they perch on your gutters each time they return, hence making the noise.


  • Birds can get trapped inside downspouts. If a grown bird or a young hatchling tumble inside a downspout, chances are, they may not be able to get out. Unfortunately, crawling is not possible on the smooth metal surface and there will not be enough room for them to be able to fly.  The bird will be unable to fit through the downspout exit as it may be too narrow, or it may be attached to your French drain, which means the bird cannot exit through it. Either way, any kind of clog inside the downspout will cause it to back up.

How to Stop Birds from Nesting in Gutters?

When it comes to birds, even a bit of prevention goes a very long way. Most birds have a tendency to return annually to the identical nesting place, so if they nested on your gutters before, they will eventually try to do it again… Unless making your gutters dangerous, unsuitable or inconvenient for them to lay their eggs. How will you be able to do it? Listed below are a couple of options:

Gutter Guard

Gutter guards can make your gutters flat at the top, making it difficult for birds to create a stable nest. If a bird manages to build a nest on a flat surface, at least debris will remain on top of the gutter and will not block it.


Decoy models like snakes, plastic owls and identical animals that scare birds may be enough to keep your gutters free from them. There are even some models that are motion-sensitive and activates when birds are near—frightening them with a sudden sound or movement.

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are identical to barbed wires in looks, but have blunt edges and are much longer. When installed, they will cover the top of the gutter and birds will be unable to land and build nests on it.

Here at George Kent Home Improvements, we can help you make your gutters bird-free and prevent future problems by offering you a variety of helpful solutions. We have trained experts and dedicated professionals that are willing to provide unparalleled service depending on your needs. Give us a call or contact us online today, you won’t regret it!

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