Insulation: Improving Thermal Comfort and Lowering Energy Bill

When you realize that a large sum of your hard-earned money goes to the heating and cooling of your home, you would think of many ways that you can reduce your energy consumption. No need to look no further – insulation can be the answer you are looking for to help you have a more energy-efficient home. Insulation is the most potent and practical way that you can reduce your energy bills without jeopardizing comfort. Before anything else, however, you need to know how insulation (or the lack thereof) can affect a building’s thermal environment, and why so much energy is potentially wasted or saved, as a result.


It is a home’s HVAC system that conditions the air coming in and out of the home, but it is insulation that adds the layers of thermal and moisture protection which allows cooling and heating to occur most efficiently.


Why You Should Insulate Your Home

Insulation provides numerous advantages to homeowners and the environment, too. In addition to creating a suitable home environment, insulation increases energy efficiency, resulting in lower energy bills. These benefits become more apparent down the road, making insulation projects a worthwhile investment. You can find out how much savings your insulation is generating by hiring a qualified energy auditor.


Mapping Energy Loss in Homes

Before looking for the areas in your home that require insulation, it is important to understand cooling and heating mechanisms inside your home and how energy losses can occur on a daily basis. It is safe to say that any area of your home has the potential to lose and to save energy. You will spot many areas which allow indoor air to escape, and outdoor air to seep in. There are three processes involved in the principle of heat transfer: conduction, convection, and radiation.


Insulating Your Home

Knowing the parts of your home that needs insulation is the first step. Any area in your home that lets air enter or escape should have sufficient insulation. These areas include your walls, floors, attic, crawl space, and basement. Insulating these areas will let you achieve the desired level of thermal protection, prolong the life of your HVAC equipment, as well as keep your family cozy and comfortable all-year round.


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