How to Take Care of Your Home’s Exterior

Taking care of your home’s exterior is as important as taking care of its interior, if not more. For homeowners who are trying to sell their properties, it is a known fact that how fast a home gets sold has a lot to do with its curb appeal.


Whether you are looking for buyers for your house or just wanting to keep your home looking its best, caring for its exterior is really something you should do. If you do not know where to begin, here are some things that you can do:


Keep it clean. Yes, just a simple cleaning goes a long way – more so when it is done regularly. It would also make a big difference if you can give your exterior a quick power wash every once in a while. Make sure that there is no garbage that can ruin how your house looks like from the street.


Do a little gardening. You do not have to hire a landscape artist or a gardener to add a little green! Remember, though, that there should be a fluid transition from your home to your garden so it won’t look detached from the house itself.  Mow your lawn on a regular basis. If you have flower beds, spread some fresh mulch over them. If there are any potted plants, make sure that they are healthy and not wilting. Remove weeds and dead plants, too. Detail trees and edge flower beds as well.


Refresh surfaces with a paint job. We know – this is not something that you can do often for it to be called part of a routine. You will agree, however, that for your exterior to really appear well-maintained and beautiful, a fresh paint can do the trick. Of course it should only be done when it’s really necessary and no amount of cleaning can give your wall the appearance you are hoping for.  If your house has some natural stones or bricks, of course, you cannot paint them. You can however, really scrub them clean, too.


Check the architectural details of your home’s exterior, including the mouldings around the doors and windows, shutters, siding, gutters, and more. See if they are still in good condition. If you have the budget for it, we suggest you replace those that are requiring replacement, and choose energy-efficient options. Also, you might want to try vinyl siding as it is basically maintenance-free and it does not require repainting either.


Having an exterior that is well-maintained not only adds value to a home. More so, it says a lot about the people living in that home. So, if you are hoping to get along with your neighbours, we suggest you keep your exterior in a tip-top shape!

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