How to Re-Purpose Old Doors

So, you finally decided to take your old door off its hinges and replace it with a new one. Now what would you do with it? Some homeowners just throw their old doors away. But because you are reading this post right now, that means you are not willing to say goodbye to that door just yet. Well, we are here to give you some excellent ideas!


Check out these amazing DIY repurposes that you can do with your old door:


A Rustic Headboard

Depending on the height and length of the room, you can have the old door standing horizontally or vertically. You can even screw on a night lamp onto it.


A Not-So Pocket-Sized Memo Pad

This is perfect for homes with an office. You can simply paint the panels of the door with chalkboard paint, and you’re all set with a unique reminder board! No home office? No problem, you can have this project in your kid’s room or even in the kitchen. Write the menu or your favourite recipe on it!


An Outdoor Tabletop

Achieve a quirky dining experience by using your old door as an outdoor picnic table. Add a more fun element by suspending it from a tree. Just make sure that you use ropes that are really sturdy that they can support the door/table itself and the food that you’re going to serve!


A Divider

If your old door or doors have glass panes, they’d work wonderfully as space dividers in a room. This can be used to separate your work area from the side where you sleep, for example. It also adds a rustic appeal to any space!


A Privacy Screen

Another great addition to your outdoor space, a privacy screen can be a one of a kind backdrop to your patio furniture set.


A Photo Display

If you like displaying your wonderful photos instead of keeping them in an album, then you can turn your old door into a photo display. Just hang some fairy lights around the door and pin or glue your snapshots on it. Make sure that you place the door in a nice spot in your house.


Now that you have projects to choose from, it’s time that you choose the new door you’d install to replace the old one. George Kent Home Improvement has a great selection of doors just for you. Choose a color and style that fits the aesthetics of your home!

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