How to Lower Heating Costs with the Right Insulation

Unfortunately, a common issue that many homeowners face is a high heating bill in an effort to keep their house at a comfortable temperature. Or, they end up living through cold winter nights as they try to keep their heating bill down to a reasonable price.

Luckily, there is a simple solution to this which only requires that you get the proper insulation for your home. Whether you have a newer home or an older one, in which insulation issues are far more likely, getting the right kind and amount of insulation can make a tremendous difference in how much you spend on your heating bill.

Look at the R-Value

When it comes to figuring out how effective a certain type of insulation is, the manufacturers make it easy on us by providing an R-value on the labels of every type.

You are going to be interested in a higher R-value, which indicates a better efficiency rate. Unfortunately, a higher rating also tends to mean a higher cost. Thankfully, depending on the area you are planning to insulate, you can sometimes stick with a type that has a lower R-value, and instead just use more of the material to achieve a better level of heat transfer resistance.

Examine the Attic

The attic is one of the biggest sources of heat loss in your home. Thankfully, it is also one of the easiest places to add more insulation.

In order to know how much more insulation you need to add, there are plenty of online tools that you can use to look up the recommended amount of insulation for your area. Then, adjust your levels accordingly. Simply add material to either the floor or the roof of the attic and watch your heating bill drop in no time at all.

Go to the Basement

Surprisingly, the opposite end of your house, the basement, can be just as susceptible to heat loss as the attic. It is estimated that just under a third of the total heat lost in your entire home escapes through the basement and crawl spaces.

To avoid this issue, you can do a very similar procedure as you would do with the attic. Simply add more layers of insulation, or better insulation, to increase heat retention in that area.

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