When it comes to your home and family, very few factors rank higher than security. Every homeowner knows how important it is to ensure that the whole family, as well as their prized possessions are safe at all times.

Well because there is no such thing as too safe, here are some tips that could help you secure your home more:

  1. Please do not advertise about your possessions. There are two ways you may be doing this. One is by being careless and not closing your blinds at night and keeping the lights on, tempting burglars who could possibly be scouting. Another is by posting on social media about the things you buy for yourself and your home like jewelry, gadgets, and more.
  2. Keep your home protected from fire. Some homeowners have burnt something they have been cooking before, and when the smoke alarm went off, turned it off and forgot to turn it back on.

Do not make that mistake! Make sure that all your smoke detectors are working, test them regularly, and replace batteries once a year. Also, keep a fire extinguisher handy.

  1. Have sturdy doors and keep their kick-in resistance high. An old door will be no match for burglaries involving forced entry. You can find sturdy doors from George Kent Home Improvement that would not compromise the aesthetics of your home. Also, replace your door locks and mounting hardware.
  2. Windows are also a security challenge. After all, an intruder only needs to break one, reach inside, and unlock it to enter your home. Well, you can fortify your windows to help you keep your security up. Regular glass is very easy to break. Choose windows that are of a special kind, like the ones offered by George Kent Home Improvements. They have high energy ratings and stop any break-ins because of the shatter resistant glass.
  3. Get an alarm system for your home. Did you know that a home without an alarm system is more likely to be broken into than a house with one? Look for one with a separate key pad and control panel. They are more difficult for intruders to defeat than those with both in the same unit.

Keeping your home secure should be among your priorities. It is truly important that your family, especially your kids know that there is always that one safe place that they get to share with the ones they love.

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