Exterior Siding: What You Need to Know

As the colder weather returns, homeowners begin to consider home improvement projects that have something to do with their family’s safety and comfort. Now weekend plans include repair work for roofing, insulation, and you guessed it, house siding. If you are not sure whether you should add siding or not, here are some things you may want to consider:


Architectural Aspect

If your house has a lot of architectural details and you really want to install vinyl siding, you might have to let go of some detailing. You can go for a wood-grain finish if your home is more of the traditional type. There are of course, an array of colours that you can choose from so you can definitely find one that matches your home’s aesthetics.


Weather Resistance

If you think your house doesn’t have sufficient insulation, you can add foam board underneath the siding you are going to install. This is a simple way to improve your home’s weather resistance. On top of that, doing so can help lower your cooling and heating costs, too.


Exterior Condition

You also need to consider the current state of your home’s exterior. Adding vinyl siding takes less effort than other exterior solutions like painting. To be able to paint your home’s exterior, you need to make sure that peeling paint and spots have to be scraped off. Aside from that, pre-painting, you would need to do some repairing and priming to ensure smooth application. Exterior siding does not require any of those!


Future Plans

If you intend to live in that home for years and years, then you definitely need to think about how the siding would look in the future. You need to consider this first, before you decide on the material. You do not want something that may look good today but all weathered and worn out in just a couple of years.


Vinyl siding from George Kent Home Improvements is an award-winning product that is actually chosen by homeowners themselves.  It is a popular choice because of several reasons. They not only offer a new look for you home but more importantly, protect your family from harsh weather conditions. They are dent-resistant. They do not peel, chip, or blister. They are, to sum it up, almost indestructible.


Before winter arrives, make sure your house is as ready as you are. Complete all those repair jobs so you are assured of your family’s safety. Having a reliable contractor is crucial to achieving positive results. Let us know how we can help you!

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