Door Problems and Fixes During Winter

Your door goes through so much in wintertime – the surface that faces out has to battle with the harsh temperature drop. If it’s made of wood, it could soak up water from humidity. Aside from the material itself, door parts like the frame, hinges, jam and hardware, all get affected by the extreme cold. If your door shows signs of winter problems, do not get frustrated.

Here we have for you some common issues doors have during winter, and what you can do about them:

Your door or its frame may release water content in winter. This affects the way your door opens and closes, of course. Additionally, it puts stress on your door jambs. Lots of homeowners just put up with it without doing anything.  But the fix is pretty simple. Before the cold temperature really kicks in and you notice the jamb starting to catch, replace your old screws with new ones. Choose slightly larger. This is to reserve more swing balance for the door. The screws will relieve pressure from the bind.

If your door won’t latch due to quick temperature changes, you may need to check your strike plate. It is used for the deadbolt which is necessary for your home security. If drilling deeper pilot holes or resizing still doesn’t lessen its lean, perhaps it’s time to re-adjust the strike plate itself or even replace a door. To fix the strike plate, mark and measure where you need the new room to fit the strike plate. File the metal. If that doesn’t fix it, unscrew the plate, chisel it into the jamb and then place it slightly higher than before.

Uneven doors or those that are not installed properly in its frame might keep on swinging or stay open. You do not want that especially in the winter. Fix it quickly by re-drilling holes to fit bigger screws, or you can create a shim. This can be placed behind the screws in the hinges. Remember to place them in response to even the door’s swinging.

Do you hear a squeak? It’s probable that the hinges and jambs are needing oils. Similar to locks, they need lubrication to eliminate the squeaks. The solution of course is to apply either silicon, graphite, or any other recommended door product that could oil the mentioned components well.

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