Door Problems and Fixes During Winter

Your door goes through a lot in the winter. Cold temperatures will cause your door to expand, which means it may stick and be difficult to close. If it’s made of wood, it may soak up water from humidity and eventually become damaged. Door parts, including the frame, hinges, jamb, and hardware, can also be damaged by extreme cold. Read on to find out more about the most common door problems and fixes during winter.

Cold Winter Temperatures and Moisture

A common door problem during winter is that the frame can absorb water. This can affect the way your door opens and closes. It can also put stress on your door jambs and cause permanent damage.

The fix for this is actually quite simple.

Before the temperature drops, if you notice the jamb starting to catch, replace your old screws with new ones and choose a slightly larger variety. This will help to reserve more swing balance for the door and relieve pressure from the bind.

Door Won’t Latch

close up of a door and lock

If your door won’t latch due to freezing temperatures during winter, we recommend checking your strike plate and drilling deeper pilot holes. If this doesn’t lessen its lean, it may be time to re-adjust the strike plate itself or even replace the door.

To fix the strike plate, mark and measure where you need extra room to fit the strike plate. File down the metal a little at a time. If that doesn’t fix it, unscrew the plate, chisel it into the jamb, and then place it slightly higher than before.

illustration of door parts

Door Is Swinging Or Won’t Close

Uneven doors, or those that were not installed properly, will likely keep swinging or stay open.

To fix this issue yourself, you can re-drill the holes to fit bigger screws, or you can create a shim. This can be placed behind the screws in the hinges.

Squeaky Door

A squeaky door gets the oil! Squeaking usually means that the hinges and jambs are in need of lubrication. Similar to locks, they need oil to keep them working smoothly. We recommend applying silicone or graphite door oil to these components.

If these repairs sound time-consuming or tricky, or you’d like a second opinion – contact the professionals at George Kent Home Improvement. We are always happy to help.

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